Interview – DS Rathore, business head, Foodpro Packaging

Retort pouches for ready-to-eat food made in India

Foodpro Packaging
DS Rathore, business head, Foodpro Packaging at Propak. Photo IFB

Food packaging is crucial to the overall performance of any food processing unit. The essential criteria for increasing the efficacy of food processing are flavor, fragrance, and process integrity. Foodpro has an unconventional approach to assure hassle-free packaging solutions for ready-to-eat food. At Propak India 2021 in Pragati Maidan, Delhi, IFB Correspondent Girish Anshul visited FoodPro Packaging to interview DS Rathore, the company’s business head.

IndiFoodBev – Give a brief introduction about your venture.

DS RathoreFoodpro Packaging is a new venture started in 2020. The main objective of starting this business is to cut down on the import of retort pouch packaging. As we have been using retort packaging for the last 15 years and all this packaging come from china. So, to cut down the import, this retort packaging will now be available in India itself.

IndiFoodBev  – Who are the target customers?

DS Rathore – In India, primarily, ready-to-eat foods are in increasing demand. Our company targets MTR, ITC, Drools and many other ventures for their food packaging.

IndiFoodBev  – After two years, you are here at Propak India 2021. What changes have you seen?

DS Rathore – Propak starts a new series of the exhibition idea. It is an excellent initiative for the exhibitors as well as for the visitors. Visitors are coming to see the products of the companies and for their solutions also. We are expecting more visitors, but even with slightly fewer visitors, this is not disappointing us. Visitors are coming with zeal and zest to the expo. 

IndiFoodBev  – In the food packaging market, others also make different packaging types but how is your packaging different from the competitors?

DS Rathore – In the pandemic period, people started to have a greater concern about packaged food. So, for the packaging of food, our company is working on proper hygiene solutions and sustainability. It can to some extent replace street food, where the hygiene issue is of greater concern. We are making retort pouches for the packaging for beverages, pet food, baby food, army ration and several other products. Other companies are importing retort packaging, but we manufacture it ourselves near our customers. It will help us in cutting costs as well as help in economic growth. 

IndiFoodBev  – Do the FSSAI rules and regulations affect the process or make it smoother?

DS Rathore – FSSAI rules and regulations are helping us in functioning the food processes. People are getting aware, and it helps in confidence-building for the entire food processing supply chain to rise for domestic consumption. Otherwise, most of the things which are processed are exported.

IndiFoodBev  – What are the prospects and goals for the company?

DS Rathore – Our company’s main objective is to give packaging ‘next door.’ The packaging material imported from China or Korea takes a lot of time from importing to the final packaging. Our company want to cut the processing time by making the packaging material in India and giving the same quality to the customer at a lower price and time.


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