Interpack 2023: Syntegon Hall stand A31 to B31

showcases flexible end-to-end system for coffee with integrated I4.0 solution

With the line composed of a PMX, a Product Handling System and an Elematic 3001 WAH, Syntegon showcases an end-to-end solution for packaging coffee beans – including modern control technology Image Syntegon

With its end-to-end system for the primary and secondary packaging of coffee beans, Syntegon addresses two hot topics at this year’s interpack from 4 to 10 May in Duesseldorf – resource conservation and digital technologies. With the packaging line composed of a PMX, a product handling system and an Elematic 3001 WAH, the company presents modern control technology alongside a new flexible and multifunctional solution for product handling. The line packages coffee beans in block bottom bags – in the process, the product handling system merges products from two infeed lines, monitors their quality, and transports them to a case packer for secondary packaging. Additionally, an integrated Industry 4.0 solution monitors machine conditions, contributing to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the line.

Fit for the future through flexibility and digitalization

First up in the system is the flexible PMX packaging machine for ground coffee and whole beans. Thanks to fast format changeovers and full-corner-sealing, it covers a wide range of packaging formats. Its modular concept enables manufacturers to meet specific customer requirements while maintaining efficient output and reacting quickly to changing market demands. The PMX is shown as a single-tube variant at interpack, packaging 340 grams of coffee beans each at a speed of 65 bags per minute.

At the same time, the machine meets highest requirements for sustainability and digitalization: It processes recyclable packaging materials, as well as aroma protection valves made from mono-materials. The packaging line also features Synexio Empower, a Smart Machine I4.0 solution that monitors energy and resource consumption through condition monitoring, data acquisition and visualization in real time. In this way, Synexio Empower realizes the intelligent self-optimization of the PMX machine. Thanks to detailed OEE analytics and predictive maintenance, manufacturers are also able to improve their plant efficiency and reduce costs. An on-premise system architecture provides the necessary data security – if required, the solution supports the secure data supply to Syntegon’s Synexio Cloud.

At the booth, visitors will be able to experience the possibilities offered by the Industry 4.0 solution for better support of operators: These include, for example, detailed instructions using augmented reality, autonomous condition monitoring or a simplified integration of secondary machines.

Product handling without format changes

Once the coffee beans have been packaged, the new product handling system takes over the bags from two infeed lines, merges them, and transports them to the downstream Elematic 3001 WAH case packer. The fully mobile and individually programmable movers smoothly glide through the process without touching other machine parts thanks to a newly developed electromagnetic levitation technology – thereby minimizing the wear of the components.

During the feeding process, the product handling system fulfills several functions in a compact design: it mixes, turns, weighs and places products depending on configuration and controls them in the process. “The multifunctional technology is a decisive advantage of the product handling system,” explains Bernhard Vaihinger, product manager for case packers at Syntegon. “State-of-the-art control technology allows adjustments to the handling process without time-consuming format changes; operators can configure different formats at the push of a button.” The combination of flexibility and multifunctionality not only makes the product handling system an all-round talent – it also reduces the number of machines and components needed in the packaging process.

Sustainability meets Industry 4.0

An Elematic 3001 WAH wraparound case packer then places eight or ten coffee bags in one of two formats into a case. The machine is highly flexible regarding various product formats and can handle a wide format range. In addition, the case packer contributes significantly to manufacturer’s sustainability efforts: it processes corrugated cardboard made from recycled or alternative -fiber such as grass, coconut, or cup plants (Silphium perfoliatum).

The machine also uses resources particularly sparingly, as Bernhard Vaihinger explains: “The Elematic 3001 WAH applies adhesive only where it is actually needed. Compared to conventional application methods, this saves up to 40 percent of glue with the same case stability.” An integrated checkweigher provides reliable quality control and consequently fewer complaints – thanks to the full integration of the checkweigher and the hotmelt unit, the machine layout remains compact.

In addition, the case packer excels with its new assisted format changeover: operators can easily choose between different configurations via an HMI. A combination of automated processes, the proven toolless Elematic Click System, RFID technology and Electronic Shelf Label Displays saves time and is less prone to errors.

Service agreements: Support at a fixed price

As with all machines, Syntegon also offers its Service Agreements for the PMX and Elematic. The Service Agreements form the basis for effective equipment and maintenance management at fixed prices. Seven dedicated levels help customers from the pharmaceutical and food industries to reduce production risks, gain predictability over service costs and simplify complex processes – allowing them to focus on their core business. With each level, the scope of services covered increases – from basic service, including inspection and remote service, to guaranteed production performance of the machines. From Level 4, customers have peace of mind about the total cost of ownership for the lifetime of their equipment. Besides preventive maintenance and operator training, services at this level include all spare parts at fixed cost.


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