Trends in the food ingredients market

Demand for multi-functional & creative ingredients

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We are pleased to bring you the second issue of IndiFoodBev magazine. This bi-monthly issue coincides with the Food ingredients and Health ingredients (Fi India & Hi) and Propak India 2019 to be held from 22 to 24 at Mumbai, India.


Launched in 2006, FiHi is a B2B show for the food and health ingredients, processing, and packaging industry. The trade fair offers food, beverage, and health industry leaders an opportunity to source the latest and most innovative ingredients available. In addition, it is an excellent networking platform for meeting relevant ingredient suppliers and buyers in the region. Meant for all professionals associated with the food and health industry FiHi is co-located with Propak.


IndiFoodBev explores the emerging trends in the food and beverage industry, including new ingredients, technologies, processes, packaging, food safety and regulation. It highlights the factors affecting the growth of the food and beverage industry in India and globally.


Growing demand for multi-functional ingredients

Industry experts say that the rapidly growing food industry is positively affecting the food ingredients industry. Food ingredients including starches, vegetable oils and fats, natural sweeteners, enzymes, antioxidants, natural flavoring and colors, and functional ingredients are defined as additives for performing various functions in food such as maintaining or improving nutritional value, taste, texture, and appearance. Persistence Market Research projects the global food ingredients market to exceed US$ 400 billion (approximately Rs 28,43,220 crore) in revenues by the end of 2022.


Various studies report an increase in demand for food ingredients such as functional food ingredients, specialty food ingredients, nutraceutical ingredients, health ingredients, and fermented ingredients. Given an example, dietary supplements are creating an opportunity for nutraceutical ingredients manufacturers to come up with new options for the evolving consumer base. In addition, increased awareness about health and fitness and regulatory bodies’ mandates for food fortification, and changing lifestyles are fostering the growth of food ingredients and driving innovations in the food and beverage industry.


Natural food ingredients

Urbanization informed consumers, and a rising population with its growing purchasing power have led to the rapid adoption of convenience foods. Ever-increasing consumer awareness of the health benefits associated with natural ingredients fuels their growth. The latest trends in the food and beverage industry reveal that most functional food ingredients are sourced through natural means.


Meeting consumer demands

The food and beverage industry in India is continually evolving based on the needs of consumers. Consumers want to try new, exciting, yet healthy food options. And at the same time, they are keeping a distance from sugary, caffeine-laden drinks – looking for alternatives that are both healthy and environmentally friendly.


The food and beverage industry is embracing a more holistic view of the health and wealth of its consumers. In the coming years, the industry may also see an increasing emphasis on functional food and beverages with super ingredients; plant-based products like creamers or milk; and, globally-inspired flavors and new textures.


With dynamic changes in consumer perception and awareness, we see food and beverage manufacturers becoming more creative with the natural ingredients sooner rather than later. Sustainability, too, is a significant trend in the market. Consumers are ready to pay more for products that are sustainably sourced, processed, packed and delivered.



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