Vestige launches Enerva Energy snack bar

Solution for a healthy break

Vestige launched Enerva Energy Snack Bar

India’s leading home-grown direct selling company Vestige has launched a healthy snacking option for its distributors with a new addition to its ever-expanding world-class health and wellness products. Consumer consumption and interest is going through an upsurge in this category, especially after the pandemic. Vestige launched Enerva Energy Snack Bar, which aims to replace the junk-food breaks during online meetings, training, studies, and post-exercise with a healthy snacking option to munch upon. The pandemic has forced a shift towards a healthier lifestyle whereby people are far more conscious about their diet and fitness regimen.

Founded in 2004, Vestige offers a portfolio of over 300 products across wellness, health, hygiene, home, and beauty segments through 3000+ distribution points across India, and a business presence in six international markets including India, that is, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and the UAE.

According to the company, the Enerva Energy Snack Bar is made of healthy and nutritious ingredients like almonds, soybean, whey protein, honey, raisins, milk, dark chocolate, and peanuts to provide instant energy without compromising on taste. It is the perfect snack, full of nutrients. With a rich chocolate flavor, the bar is ideal for satisfying the between-meals hunger pangs and energize the body and mind.

Commenting on the launch, Gautam Bali, managing director, Vestige Marketing, said, “The prevailing pandemic has taken a toll on people’s health. At Vestige, we understand that it is important to keep a check on nutritious intake and activity levels while people work from home. The Enerva Energy Snack Bar is a healthy and tasty option that can easily replace unhealthy snacking and moves one towards a healthier lifestyle.”

The company claims of several attributes and benefits of the Enerva Energy Snack Bar that include a nutritious, healthy snack, provides instant energy, enriched with dry fruits and nuts, suitable for satisfying hunger pangs, and convenient to carry.

Enerva Energy Snack Bar comes in a 30 gram pack and at Rs 60.00, including all taxes.


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