Aptar Food + Beverage launches SEAWELL protective packaging

Seafood preservation pack rolls out across 3000+ stores in USA

Aptar Food + Beverage launches SEAWELL protective packaging for sea-to-table food products Image Aptar F+B via internet

Aptar Food + Beverage, an AIPIA member offering a wide range of food protection solutions and proprietary active packaging systems for seafood and fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, has launched its SEAWELL Protective Packaging System with a leading US retailer, in more than 3,800 store locations. A first-of-its-kind active packaging solution, the SEAWELL system is designed to preserve seafood freshness and maintain optimal quality from sea to table, says the company.

SEAWELL active packaging system features integrated technology that absorbs excess liquids that would otherwise accumulate around the seafood, causing potential product breakdown and reducing shelf life. It utilizes a proprietary blend of direct food-contact-safe absorbent materials that trap excess fluids inside patented pockets or wells, integrated into the packaging and hidden by the seafood product.

This packaging design separates the seafood from excess liquids, reducing the rate of microbial growth and chemical degradation, claims Aptar F+B. The system improves freshness, and visual appeal absorbs odors and enhances safety by reducing overall bacteria count and mitigating cross-contamination in the kitchen. In fact, in a challenge study on scallops, the SEAWELL system provided a 3 log (99.9%) reduction in aerobic bacteria up to 13 days.

The company’s current retail launch partner, which is not named, indicated that the ‘innovative packaging system has reduced shrink and improved sales in the category compared to the previous packaging solution.’

Available in a variety of sizes, it offers sea-to-table protection for both fresh and frozen seafood. The technology also enables seafood processors to pack frozen for distribution and thaw in the same package for fresh sale to market. According to the company, this provides both consumers and industrial kitchens with an optimal seafood experience and a pristine case-to-cook product.

In addition, It enables seafood processors to expand their geographic reach, as well as helping to solve the challenges home delivery and grocery markets face as they rapidly expand their customer base and strive to meet increasing demands for delivering the freshest seafood possible, particularly during the pandemic.

“For years, the industry has sought measures to improve the freshness and shelf life of shipped seafood, as well as ways to improve consumers’ experiences,” said Neal Watson, VP &general manager for Aptar Food + Beverage – Food Protection. “SEAWELL helps solve the challenges seafood distributors face. We are excited to be partnering with major industry players to expand the use of this packaging to provide a safer, more reliable option for increasing seafood consumption across the globe.”

Aptar will be presenting at the AIPIA Virtual congress and have taken a booth to demonstrate its latest smart packaging technologies. See the agenda for the AIPIA Virtual Congress on 10 September and register here.

This article first appeared on the AIPIA website and is republished with permission.


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