Beneo presents galenIQ 721 at CPhI Festival of Pharma 2020

Boosting the taste, stability, and shelf-life of probiotic supplements

To support the stability of the formulation and the viability of microorganisms for a healthy gut, Beneo presents galenIQ 721 at CPhI Festival of Pharma 2020. Photo - Beneo

During the virtual CPhI Festival of Pharma taking place from 5 to 16 October, Beneo showcased galenIQ 721 for probiotic supplements. galenIQ 721 is the agglomerated form of Beneo’s pharmaceutical-grade Isomalt. Supporting microorganisms’ viability, the sweet-tasting excipient is suitable for probiotic powders, capsules, and tablets. At the company’s digital booth, visitors will learn more about galenIQ and its various application possibilities.

Beneo is part of the S├╝dzucker Group and a member of the International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council (IPEC). The company produces galenIQ (Isomalt Ph Eur, BP, USP-NF, JP), a multifunctional range of water-soluble filler-binders according to cGMP conditions for pharmaceutical excipients. galenIQ is available in a wide variety of median particle sizes, morphologies, and solubilities. Therefore, it is readily used in solid and liquid dosage forms such as tablets, sachets, effervescent, lozenges, and syrups. It is physically and chemically stable, non-hygroscopic, and enhances the palatability of the final form.

Health-conscious consumers are increasingly using probiotic supplements to support their gut flora. As a result, a broad range of capsules, tablets, and powder blends containing probiotic cultures is now available. However, the microorganisms within these dosage forms are very fragile. If exposed to excess moisture, heat, or pressure, they lose their health-giving effects. Therefore, an efficient carrier excipient is essential.

According to scientific evidence, galenIQ 721 can be used to compact probiotic microorganisms into a tablet form. Requiring only low compression forces, this alleviates mechanical stress on the cultures. In addition, stability studies in powder mixtures with Lactobacillus rhamnosus have confirmed that galenIQ 721 is an ideal carrier. Furthermore, Beneo’s excipient has a sugar-like taste, a smooth mouthfeel, and can enhance the final supplement’s palatability. So, whether it is for probiotic tablets, stickpack powders, or capsule fillings, galenIQ 721 is a highly functional filler-binder and carrier for probiotics.

Dr Maj-Britt Cepok, head of Business Development Pharma, Beneo, explained, “To be effective, probiotic dosage forms must deliver an adequate number of viable microorganisms to the gut during their claimed shelf-life. As the bacteria are sensitive to temperature, oxygen and moisture, this can sometimes be challenging. Some of these issues can be mitigated with adequate packaging and control during transport and storage; but, exposure to moisture also depends on the selected carrier. galenIQ 721 is very low hygroscopic and does not release any water through desorption. Therefore, it’s a perfect excipient in a well-designed carrier system for probiotic supplement formulations.”


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