Coca Cola India launches VIO spiced buttermilk

Traditional taste of homemade chhaas in a convenient and affordable format

Beat the heat this Summer with VIO spiced buttermilk, a new product from Coca-Cola India. The product is available through leading eCommerce platforms. Photo via internet.

To beat the heat this summer, Coca-Cola India has introduced spiced buttermilk, a refreshing offering under its dairy beverage brand- VIO. Made from curd, VIO spiced buttermilk claims to offer pure goodness of the traditional homemade chhaas with a spicy twist, crafted to suit the palate of Indian consumers. The product contains no preservatives or added color and comes in a convenient 180ml Aseptic packaging, at an attractive price point of Rs 15.

VIO spiced buttermilk

VIO spiced buttermilk further expands Coca-Cola’s existing portfolio of beverages, providing more choices to the consumers. The introduction of VIO spiced buttermilk is a part of the company’s hyper-local strategy that focuses on developing localized products in India to suit consumer preferences specific to a region.

Speaking on the emerging buttermilk category in India, Vijay Parasuraman, vice-president – Marketing, Coca Cola India and Southwest Asia said, “India is the largest dairy production and consumption market in the world. Through our history, dairy products have evolved with our culture to suit our palate and cuisine. And buttermilk is unique among them. It’s versatile with taste and ingredients that have adapted locally across every region of our country. In the present times, when consumers are looking for functional beverages, VIO spiced buttermilk is our offering that aims to refresh drinkers while providing that daily dose of goodness. This launch is our attempt to recreate the magic of spiced buttermilk that appeals to certain regional tastes”.

Talking about the innovation behind the launch, Sunil Gulati, vice president, Technical & Supply Chain, Coca-Cola India & South West Asia said, “We have ramped up our focus on product innovation to build a localized consumer-centric portfolio. Dairy as a category is deep-rooted in Indian tradition. It has been consumed as a refreshment or digestive drink for centuries, with an ever-growing mass appeal spanning the country’s length and breadth. Our intent with the launch of VIO Spiced Buttermilk was to create something for the community we operate in, adapt to the local flavors of the country, and expand our beverage portfolio to provide our consumers a beverage of their choice”.

A key offering in The Coca-Cola Company’s beverage portfolio, VIO, was introduced by Coca-Cola India in the year 2016 with the intent to make a ready-to-drink, value-added dairy beverage option the consumers.

VIO spiced buttermilk can be conveniently ordered from the comfort of one’s home through leading eCommerce platforms. It will also be available in stores across Delhi and Chennai, and major towns in Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, and Maharashtra.


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