Coca-Cola realigns its bottling operations in North India

Move to build a stronger and more sustainable local business


Coca-Cola has recently announced the internal realignment of its bottling operations in North India, as Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages (HCCB) – the company-owned bottler for the majority of India will transfer its business operations in four territories in North India to existing bottlers. According to the press release, the change involves four non-contiguous territories in which HCCB currently operates and is designed to build regional scale, stimulate investments and growth in the northern part of the country. HCCB will continue to operate in East, West, and South of India.

The company is on course to build a stronger and more sustainable local business in India. This move will deliver sustainable growth and will create shared value for bottlers, customers, consumers, and communities.

This realignment optimizes existing capacities, supply chain, brings further investments and improves distribution routes through contiguous territories. Coca-Cola’s bottling network in India currently comprises 14 bottlers including HCCB and no further immediate realignment is envisaged currently.


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