Mars Edge launches GoMo Dal Crunchies snacks in India

Closing nutritional gaps of children

GoMo Dal Crunchies by Mars
GoMo Dal Crunchies by Mars

Mars Edge, the newest segment of Mars, is built to help improve human health, by bringing together food and nutrition. The company recently launched a new product – GoMo Dal Crunchies – in India, with a brand and packaging strategy by London agency Straight Forward Design.

The new product, GoMo Dal Crunchies, is rich in protein and micronutrients and has been designed to help close nutritional gaps of children aged from 6 to 18 in India.

According to Mars, the science-based, affordable and enjoyable product was designed together with nutrition experts in India, Europe and the US and brought to life through the company’s uncommon collaboration with Tata Trusts – one of India’s leading philanthropic organizations.

GoMo claims to provide 6 grams of protein by consuming 35 gram in a serving and from 15 to 100% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of key micronutrients for this age group, including iron, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin C and vitamin D. The legume-based GoMo also claims to provide a significant amount of lysine, a limiting amino acid in the Indian diet.

The bar is being offered in three local flavors such as Masala Mix, Green Chutney and Chili Lemon Pepper. According to Mars, the chili lemon pepper, green chutney and masala mix flavors are tailored to suit local tastes and to ensure that GoMo is enjoyable as well as nutritious.

GoMo is currently offered at two price points – Rs 10 and Rs 20 – which will help bring nutrition within the reach of more people. Mars has also opted for a novel distribution network with self-help groups for women, rural village shops and other last-mile entrepreneurs to reach rural areas of India, starting from the regions of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra.


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