Meat-Tech 2021 to take place in Milan

The event is organized in collaboration with Hi-Food

Meat-Tech 2021 is taking place from 22 to 26 October in Milan
Meat-Tech 2021 is taking place from 22 to 26 October in Milan

Meat-Tech, to be held in Milan from 22 to 26 October 2021 (entrance West, Hall 15) in co-location with two classics dedicated to gastronomic excellence, retail, and hospitality – Tuttofood and Host Milano. A single ticket for the best of the proposals of different supply chains, united in an extraordinary event to offer a complete overview of complementary sectors despite their own peculiarities.

For this special edition, Meat-Tech is an essential part of what can be defined for all intents and purposes the kilometer of innovation, where visitors will find transversal answers to their needs in terms of products, technology, and solutions.

Transversal nature is also the character of the content offered by Meat-Tech 2021. Within the ‘Innovative Food Talks’ program, the focus will be on Veggie Dairy, Veggy Ready Meals, and Italian Veggie Patty, with three events scheduled for Saturday 23, Monday 25, and Tuesday 26 October, organized in collaboration with Hi-Food, a company specializing in plant-based additives and ingredients.

‘Safety and quality of additive-free foods – technologies, ingredients, shelf life, and packaging’ is the title of a technical-scientific reflection dedicated to process and product engineering for additive-free foods organized by OM – Informare and hosted by Meat-Tech on 25 October.

On the same day, ‘From Eco-Design to the most innovative solutions for smart packaging for the food industry’ will be the workshop organized by Tecnoalimenti, which will take stock of the many phases related to smart packaging – from the design of sustainable packaging to the evaluation of the environmental impact of packaging up to the economic and media valorization of virtuous packaging, investigating the state of the art of more sustainable materials, such as PHA.

The themes of sustainable packaging, moreover, will be the fil-rouge of Packaging Speaks Green, the event organized by Packmedia that will see the second edition on Saturday, 23 October during Meat-Tech 2021; the fresh food sector has been engaged for years in research that invests every component of the supply chain: from processing to packaging, to packaging materials with increasingly efficient solutions from the ecological, economical and productive point of view. An undisputed record that confirms the leadership of Italian producers at the international level.

ASSICA – Association of Meat and Cured Meat Industries, partner of Meat-Tech since its first edition, organizes on the opening day the workshop ‘The new provisions on official food controls and related implementing decrees,’ which aims to ensure a harmonizing approach in the field of official controls specific to food and feed.

On 26 October, Meat-Tech will host, both in the presence and via streaming, the event on the road to Intralogistica Italia on ‘The cold chain in intralogistics for the food industry’ and the workshop organized by Assofoodtec’ Moca Vademecum for food machinery – the example of the slicers and mincers sector’ to deepen one of the most important issues for the food manufacturers.

In addition to the events that will kick off interesting reflections on the key contents of Meat-Tech, the fair will be enriched by the special area ‘Innovative Food Experience,’ organized in collaboration with Hi-Food and entirely dedicated to the production of plant-based foods: a space where visitors and exhibitors can taste some prototypes, learn about innovative natural ingredients, discover processing solutions for foods with plant-based formulations.

Meat-Tech to present live demos on production and packaging 

The content of the show will also be enriched, for the first time, by ‘The sustainable factory by Meat-Tech,’ a special area with live production and packaging demos. The sustainable factory of Meat-Tech will present to all professionals visiting the fair two daily events on two lines with highly technological and innovative value: the first line, fully automatic from loading to palletizing for the production and packaging of hamburgers, uses packaging made of recyclable material, and the second one, dedicated to the processing and packaging of wedges, ideal for products such as mortadella and hard cheeses, will see at work machines suitable for the use of mono-material fully recyclable film. The sustainable factory of Meat-Tech is a project realized in collaboration with Domino, FT System, Gelmini, Hafliger, Ilpra, Stommpy, Trevil, and Veripack.

Meat-Tech’s exhibition offer is once again a protagonist with more than 80 excellent companies in the sector and an approach based on strategic collaboration with the reference industry associations that have supported Meat-Tech since its first edition in Milan – ASSICA (Association of Meat and Cured Meat Industries), Anima Assofoodtec (Italian Association of Manufacturers of Machinery, Plants, and Equipment for Food Production, Processing, and Preservation) and Ucima (Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association).

A winning system approach, confirmed by the participation of over 90 highly profiled foreign buyers from Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Egypt, Hungary, Israel, Lebanon, Macedonia, Montenegro, Morocco, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, who, thanks to the collaboration and support of ITA – Italian Trade Agency, will visit Meat-Tech next October. 

Buyers and exhibitors will have access to the digital tool MYIpackima. This new online platform opens 365 days a year that facilitates the meeting between supply and demand in the sector before, during, and after the exhibition.




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