Mettler-Toledo at SnackEx, Stockholm

To showcase advanced product inspection technologies

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Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection, a global leader in food product safety technologies, has announced its participation in SnackEx, hosted by the European Snack Association. The event takes place at Mässvägen 1, 125 30 Älvsjö, Stockholm, Sweden, on 19-20 June 2024, where Mettler-Toledo will be both exhibiting and speaking.

At stand 244, Mettler-Toledo, one of the leading product inspection experts for snacks, will showcase its innovative product inspection technologies tailored specifically for the salty and savory snack industry.

Metal Detection:

A unique cut-away throat metal detector will provide visitors with an immersive experience, allowing them to witness firsthand the inner mechanisms of Automatic Test System (ATS). By simply pressing a button, visitors can observe ATS in action as it cycles through test samples, demonstrating the system’s robust metal detection capabilities and reliability. To demonstrate the dramatic difference in detection capability with other real-world metallic contaminants will be the latest Mettler-Toledo throat detector with eDriveTM and ATS. These metal detectors not only showcase the innovative solutions from Mettler-Toledo but also serve as educational tools, enlightening attendees about the importance of metal detection in product safety and integrity.

X-ray Inspection System:

The X12 x-ray inspection system showcases cutting-edge technology in product safety and quality assurance. Engineered to deliver exceptional contaminant detection capabilities, the X12 provides unparalleled sensitivity to detect a wide range of foreign materials, including metal, glass, mineral stone and dense plastics. With its high-resolution imaging and advanced algorithms, the X12 offers superior inspection performance, enabling snack manufacturers to safeguard their products against contaminants and uphold the highest quality standards. Designed as an entry-level solution, the X12 combines affordability with state-of-the-art functionality, making x-ray inspection accessible to all budgets without compromising on performance or reliability.

Checkweigher and Vision Inspection Combi-Solution:

Representing a groundbreaking advancement in product inspection technology, checkweighing and vision capabilities are combined within a single system, offering enhanced accuracy and efficiency. The Combination Solution provides precise weight measurement and comprehensive label inspection, thereby optimizing packaging integrity and compliance with regulatory standards. With its innovative design and advanced features, the Combination Solution is positioned to set a new standard for product inspection solutions in the snack industry.

Data Management Solution:

In addition to showcasing cutting-edge inspection technologies, Mettler-Toledo will also feature its innovative ProdXTM data management software at the event. ProdXTM offers snack manufacturers a comprehensive solution for data collection, providing real-time insights into production performance thereby facilitating proactive decision-making and optimizing operational efficiency. The information provided by ProdXTM helps manufacturers to comply with regulatory standards and enhance quality control measures throughout the production process. Visitors to the stand can discover firsthand how ProdXTM empowers snack manufacturers to achieve greater transparency, productivity, and compliance in their operations.

During the event, Rob Stevens, Market Manager for Metal Detection at Mettler-Toledo, will deliver a compelling presentation titled “Metal Detection, X-ray Inspection or Both?” scheduled for 19th June at 4.20pm. He will explore the critical importance of foreign body detection in snack manufacturing processes and will also look at how both metal detection and x-ray inspection technologies play complementary roles in achieving product safety and quality.

Visitors will be able to see firsthand how Mettler-Toledo solutions work in real-life examples. A success story of Mettler-Toledo products in action is PATA S.p.A., one of Italy’s leading producers of savory snacks. Through a longstanding partnership with Mettler-Toledo, PATA has achieved compliance with industry standards while optimizing productivity and reducing costs. PATA’s adoption of the Mettler-Toledo product inspection solutions, including dynamic checkweighers and advanced metal detection systems, exemplifies the transformative impact of innovative inspection technologies on snack manufacturing operations.

“We are excited to engage with industry professionals at SnackEx and demonstrate how the Mettler-Toledo cutting-edge product inspection solutions can empower snack manufacturers to enhance product safety, compliance and efficiency,” said Stevens.

Attendees are encouraged to visit Mettler-Toledo at booth 244, to explore the latest advancements in product inspection technology and learn more about the benefits of integrating metal detection and x-ray inspection in their manufacturing processes.

Mettler-Toledo is a global precision instruments and trusted solutions provider, across a large range of industries. With a focus on driving efficiency and innovation, the company aims to deliver value to its customers through solutions that help to boost productivity, combat rising manufacturers’ costs and embrace digitalization.

The Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection division designs and manufactures both standard and customised inspection solutions, prioritizing product safety, brand protection and quality assurance for food, pharmaceutical and chemical brands. Its solutions help to empower businesses to optimise operations, reduce costs and embrace digital transformation while meeting regulatory compliance. With a focus on safety and precision, the innovative solutions from Mettler-Toledo help to deliver measurable results, enabling manufacturers to maintain the highest standards of product integrity and consumer trust. By partnering with Mettler-Toledo, manufacturers will have the opportunity to navigate the challenges of the modern business landscape and achieve sustainable growth.

With cutting-edge foreign body detection solutions, Mettler-Toledo provides advanced holistic technologies that automate critical processes and help to mitigate recall risks. Metal detection and x-ray inspection technologies detect and reject contaminated products, plus support product quality and brand protection. Precision checkweighing technologies help manufacturers identify costly over-fills and/or avoid potentially brand damaging under-fills, thus assisting to improve production line efficiency. Vision inspection solutions further enhance the Mettler-Toledo offering by detecting label defects, reducing the risk of rework and product recalls. To facilitate real-time monitoring and digitalise food safety compliance on a global scale, Mettler-Toledo provides the proprietary and innovative data management software, ProdX.


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