Mondi and Vafo Group unleash recyclable dog food packaging for Hau-Hau Champion

The new packaging to offer high barrier protection and increased consumer convenience

Mondi is launching a reclosable and recyclable packaging solution for leading Finnish brand Hau-Hau Champion
Mondi is launching a reclosable and recyclable packaging solution for leading Finnish brand Hau-Hau Champion

Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, is supplying a range of recyclable mono-material pet food packaging for Hau-Hau Champion, one of Finland’s most recognized brands in the premium dog food segment. The new packaging fulfills the pet food producer’s objective of launching a reclosable and recyclable packaging solution that does not compromise the performance and retains strong brand recognition in stores. It also addresses sustainability concerns of end consumers that are playing more of a role in purchasing pet food and products.

Mondi’s customer-centric approach, EcoSolutions, helped Hau-Hau Champion find a high-barrier solution that can be reclosed, keeps food fresh, and confines any smells. The previously unrecyclable multi-layer packaging contained a metalized layer which was replaced by Mondi’s recyclable mono-material packaging, a reel material for form-fill-and-seal (FFS) 1.5 kilogram bags, and pre-made FlexiBag Recyclable for bags up to 15 kilograms.

FlexiBag Recyclable is a mono-material polyethylene (PE) pre-made bag developed specifically for recycling, which means it can be deposited directly into Finnish plastic recycling streams.

Mondi’s new packaging also features an anti-slip matt lacquer exterior 

The new packaging responds to consumer feedback asking for stronger carrying handles and a user-friendly reclosure to prevent kibble from stale, thereby avoiding waste. It also features an anti-slip matt lacquer exterior and is fitted with a valve that allows air to escape for optimal palletization.

“Through our EcoSolutions approach, we help customers find environmentally responsible alternatives without compromising on performance, ease of use, or aesthetics. For Hau-Hau Champion, this involved asking many questions to gain deeper insight into the brand’s needs and its end-users and collaborating closely throughout the process to test and evaluate all solutions. The new packaging also supports Mondi’s MAP 2030 sustainability goal to make 100 percent of its products reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025,” says Thomas Kahl, EcoSolutions project manager at Mondi.

Suvi Sillvan, a brand specialist at Hau-Hau Champion, adds, “With Hau-Hau’s brand refresh, we were looking for packaging that fully aligns with our commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of our products and operations as well as upgrade the packaging to match the high quality of the product content.

Given that this is a premium product, we are especially pleased with the high-quality finish, including the printing, which retains brand familiarity on the shelf and informs consumers that they can easily recycle our dog food packs. The new packaging material also fully supports the fact that all our dry dog foods are now completely CO2 neutral through carbon emission compensation.”


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