NatureFresh professional unveils the ‘Bake Zone’

Launch of Bake Zone - Anurag Chadha, commercial director, Bakery & Branded Food Services, Cargill's oils business in India

NatureFresh professional, the fastest growing national brand of bakery shortenings and margarine from Cargill’s oils business in India launches NatureFresh Professional Bake Zone in Infocity, Gurugram recently. It is said to be a unique concept that provides out-of-the-box solutions to bakers through real-time insights, constant innovation, and knowledge. Bake Zone will comprise four important pillars namely, The Master Chef Zone, Bakery, Café, and Application Lab. According to the company, the objective of the bake zone is to add value to every bakers’ innovation and efficiencies, along with constant encouragement to enhance their skills & knowledge.

The Master Chef Zone is a medium to understand the real-life problem a baker faces while baking daily. This zone will provide hands-on experience of difficult situations with proper guidance from expert in-house chefs of the brand. The Master Chef Zone will also be used to conduct training and workshops for upgrading skills of the bakers. Second, Bakery is a state-of-the-art operational bakery that will be used for manufacturing baked products for all the corporate houses, multiplexes and café chains. It claims to be a beneficial medium for bakers which will help them understand the intricacies of large-scale production of baked products. The vision is to replicate a model bakery that serves as an ideal example for all the artisan bakery partners. Third, Café is an apt place to understand consumer requirements and current trends prevalent in a bakery on a real-time basis as the Café will be open for end consumers, where innovative and new bakery goods will be available for the consumer to taste as an endeavor to understand consumer behavior. Fourth, Application Lab serves as a place for constant research and development so that the customized requirement of every bakery partner is met. This will also act as a platform where the integration of other product lines can happen for an optimum desired offering to the bakery partners.

Speaking on the launch Piyush Patnaik, managing director, Cargill’s Oils business in India, said, “NatureFresh Professional is an important brand of Cargill’s oils business in India’s portfolio catering to the needs of the modern-day bakers across the country. We are investing a lot of capital and resources in our bakery business, in terms of plant capacities, R&D capabilities, and our teams. The new Bake Zone is the latest in the series of these investments. It is an attempt to bring the world-class facility into India to support the growth of our partner bakers’ business to increased innovation and efficiency.”


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