Syntegon wins German Packaging Award

For gentle handling system IDH

The pick-and-place robots of Syntegon's Intelligent Direct Handling (IDH) system ensure gentle handling of delicate cookies and crackers thanks to integrated linear motor technology. Photo Syntegon

Processing and packaging solution provider Syntegon has won the German Packaging Prize from the German Packaging Institute for IDH handling system.The Intelligent Direct Handling System, or IDH, won the prize in the ‘Packaging Machines’ category.

”Our Intelligent Direct Handling System, or IDH, ensures both high pack style flexibility and particularly gentle handling – the latter of which also minimizes product loss”, says Daniel Bossel, product manager at Syntegon. ”This award shows that we are continuously contributing to innovate and sustainable packaging technology. The prize also underlines Syntegon’s decades of robotics expertise for the food industry.”

Syntegon’s IDH handling system highlighted the innovative picker technology, which enables manufacturers to drastically reduce the space required from the infeed belt to the packaging machine. Despite its compact footprint, the system offers a high degree of format, pack style, and layout flexibility.

Linear motor technology

The picker technology, which is based on linear motor technology, is the core of the IDH. Each of the pickers can be controlled individually by a motor. Its slow and smooth movements minimize mechanical stress. Delicate products such as cookies and crackers are transported gently from the process belt into a feeder or directly into trays. The IDH pickers grip the products with minimal vacuum application. This reduces damage and product breakage – an important step in minimizing food waste while ensuring optimum line efficiency.

Robotics technology

The new pick-and-place technology is also key to the IDH’s high flexibility, depending on the production volume, manufacturers can integrate up to 40 pickers. Together, they can achieve a maximum output of up to 1,250 products per minute. The system groups and loads cookies in four different formats- slug and pile packages in trays or flow wrappers. Its high pack style flexibility makes the IDH an efficient and versatile solution for the high-speed sector and fits seamlessly into Syntegon’s pick-and-place portfolio. 

The German Packaging Award

The German Packaging Institute has been awarding the German Packaging Award since 1963. The international competition is the most important European showcase of achievements in the packaging industry and is held annually under the patronage of the German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy. An independent jury evaluates the best innovations and solutions in a total of ten categories.


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