Toshniwal’s dry powder mixer for processing industries

A solution for homogenous industrial mixes

Toshniwal mixer

Founded in 1948, Chennai-based Toshniwal Instruments manufactures and supplies process and temperature measuring equipment. Its expertise in process instrumentation, temperature measuring, process vacuum, and powder processing equipment is widely acknowledged. With manufacturing plants located in Chennai, the company has many sales and service offices across the country.

Mixing and blending of dry ingredients frequently occur in food processing industries. Examples abound, such as the process of manufacturing instant drinks mixes, coffee or tea vending premixes, ready to cook mixes, spices, cereals, bakery premixes, and many others. Every blended product has its own set of requirements, be it a basic blending of two similar materials or the mixing of many ingredients with varying characteristics.

Mixing and blending technologies have improved over the years, and several are available in the market, capable of mixing all kinds of powders. However, choosing the right blender for a specific application remains an art due to many variables. These variables include blend times and equipment flexibility that eventually impact the efficiency of mixing or blending processes.

Challenges of dry powder mixing

Powder product manufacturing companies, including manufacturers of energy drinks mixes, fruit punch mixes, cereal, animal-feed, cake premix, and spice mix aim for ‘homogeneous mix’ in their batches. The idea is to achieve intended and uniform properties and qualities in every packet of the powdered product they sell. However, many of the available conventional mixers struggle to deliver desired homogenous mixes due to their design constraints. The heat generated by the rotary part of the mixer can also damage the food product, while the low rotations per minute (rpm) can result in long product times.

Batch mixing plant

Paddle mixers and fluidized zone technology

Toshniwal, worked closely with its clients and European principals for more than two decades to address these issues and to design working solutions for the powder mixing industries. As a result of these efforts, the company has brought out a range of Twin Shaft and Single Shaft Paddle Mixers, designed to create a unique ‘Fluidized Zone’ inside the mixer while running the batch. The fluidized zone technology enables the use of low rpm paddles, which are gentle to the powder product, and claims to deliver market-leading batch times for homogeneous mixing. Toshniwal’s next-generation powder mixer processes homogeneous mix in a very short time – as quickly as 30 to 60 seconds for a dry powder batch.

Mixer with cleaning feature

Toshniwal has also launched the DF series of Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer with an easy cleaning feature. The push and pull given in sideways of the mixer offer excellent accessibility for easy cleaning. This series is available in a capacity ranging from 20 to 350 liters.

Toshniwal’s engineering team works with its clients for studying the mixing parameters to provide appropriate mixing solutions. The company claims its mixers offer advantages such as homogeneous mixing in short batch times and without damage to the powder particles either by heat generation or shear, with high efficiencies and lower power consumption. The company also offers contract manufacturing infrastructure facilities such as factory space, setting up mixing plants and manpower.

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