Alpino to launch Super Museli in February

Alpino aims at Rs 50 crore turnover by 2025


Alpino co-founded by Chetan Kanani in 2016 believes that today’s healthy choices control its customer’s future health. Kanani explains, “We realized that Indians are lacking the right nutrition in their diet and decided to bring out a product that fits right for the weight watchers as well as for fitness enthusiasts. Moreover, instead of offering them food products that are either loaded with sugar or high in empty calories, we came up with all-natural peanut butter.” The company has recently launched whey protein and apple cider vinegar, and in February, they are planning to launch Super Muesli as well.

Among the company’s fitness supplements, is a wide range of peanut butter in flavors such as unsweetened, honey and chocolate. Other products are almond butter and peanut butter powder. Flavorings of banana, dark chocolate, and natural flavors are available in Alpino. “Alpino peanut butter does not contain any stabilizers, and it tastes just like a jar of roasted peanuts. Now it is available in various flavors –giving you more reasons to indulge in this healthy habit.”

Chetan Kanani, co-founder, Alpino Health Foods

Peanut butter which is a staple in America is starting to gain popularity in the country. According to research, peanut butter offers several health benefits as well as a good mix of fiber and protein,  which gives a feeling of satiety for a long time. Kanani adds, “Peanut butter consumption has become quite common in India in recent years. People love its taste, and the complementary health benefits it offers. We believe that with fitness enthusiasts adding peanut butter in their workout diets, and mothers happily giving their kids peanut butter sandwich as an evening snack, it will surely  gain more popularity.”

Explaining the company’s R&D and food safety practices, he claims, “We take care of all the food safety parameters starting from the purchasing of peanuts up to their storage. We ensure and maintain a hygienic environment throughout the processing of peanut butter. In addition, the quality of every batch is monitored  by our  in house lab-testing at the manufacturing plant.”

Kanani talks about Alpino’s growth, “Growth has been very good in terms of sales. We believe that this category has a huge potential for growth in India. On the other hand, we also expect some international companies to enter the Indian market to give us tough competition. To expand further, we are also in talks with investors to improve our healthy goodwill in the market and to reach the revenue target of Rs. 50 crore by 2025.”

Alpino products are available in all the major cities of the country.  In addition, products are available on the eCommerce websites of Amazon, Flipkart, Healthkart, Indiamart, Reliance, and Paytm.

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