Mane Kancor study on antioxidant capability of spices and herbs

Rosemary identified to be the most potent source for antioxidants

Mane Kancor
Rosemary plant (unsplash)

Mane Kancor’s phytochemists have been studying various spices and herbs to understand their antioxidant capability and have identified popular kitchen herb Rosemary as one of the most potent sources.

Based on the experiments and studies on Rosemary extract, the R&D team of the company that specialises in complete food ingredient solutions, developed a range of application-specific antioxidant solutions.

Oil frying is a common process in the food industry and is one of the oldest methods of food preparation. Edible oils, when exposed to extrinsic factors such as high temperature, oxygen, moisture and many more, undergo oxidation that affects its shelf life. 

The continuous frying process is a frequently used technique in food manufacturing. In continuous frying operation, the oil is continuously circulated with periodic filtration to delay the oxidation process. However, there are limitations when it comes to the shelf life and reduction in total consumption of oil.

The food industry typically switches between different frying oil types to reduce oil usage. Food manufacturers have adopted various extrinsic and intrinsic methods to control oxidation, including preventive storage, packaging technologies and addition of antioxidants.


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