Arconvert-Ritrama introduce Open and Close range of labels

Open and Close labels with guaranteed quality for wet and dry food applications

Arconvert-Ritrama introduce Open and Close range of labels

In a complicated world, it is good to bring some simplicity to everyday life. Products that need to be opened and closed repeatedly are always in and around the home and workplace or carried in our bags. Practicality is key, and getting a product open and closed again regularly needs to be easy to do.

Arconvert-Ritrama have produced the Open and Close range as the answer to meet brand owners, printers, converters, and designer’s requirements for self-adhesive materials that are guaranteed to stand the test of time and maintain the product’s freshness throughout its life cycle from production to the shop shelf and beyond into the consumer’s home or workplace.

The Open and Close range consists mainly of PP and PE white and clear self-adhesive materials with a removable adhesive that Arconvert-Ritrama have identified as being the perfect solutions for all those applications that need to be highly functional, meet the safety requirements for any food contact as per European regulations, be as sustainable as possible, and all the while have visual appeal to maintain brand awareness. With the added option on some chosen materials to come with pet liners, dispensing speed can also be achieved on those products that often require high volume and a quick turnaround. The range also includes clear on clear self-adhesive materials.

For dry food applications on packaging that is for products such as pasta, rice, tea, coffee, cereals, and confectionary, the minimalist construction and transparency of the PP or PE self-adhesive material means the product is displayed on the supermarket shelf in an attractive and visually appealing way, capturing the consumer’s attention, as it perfectly integrates with the graphic line of the product itself thanks to the material’s conformability.

Wet applications such as cleansing sanitizing wipes, wet and cosmetic wipes need to come in flexible packaging with a label that is high-tear resistant, and that keeps the contents fresh for constant use. Meeting the need and demand for being able to carry cleansing wipes around on our person as well as having them in the home and workplace has never been more necessary than it is in today’s world for everybody’s safety and well-being.

Arconvert-Ritrama are confident they have the correct quality solutions for these demanding applications that are safe and functional for maintaining brand visibility, making life that little bit simpler!


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