CCL Container introduces aluminum wine bottles

750 ml aluminum bottles are resealable with a threaded cap 

CCL Container introduces aluminum wine bottles

CCL Container, a manufacturer of recyclable aluminum packaging, has announced new aluminum bottle shaping capabilities that reflect long-standing wine bottle profiles. The new production proficiency meets ever-increasing demand for sustainability and freshness while honoring the profiles of conventional bottles for wines such as chardonnays, merlots, pinots, zinfandels, and many others, including champagne, the company said.

Designed with CCL Container’s BodyShapes shaping technology, these 750 ml aluminum bottles are resealable with a threaded cap that can keep wine fresh for longer than a traditional glass bottle. In addition, aluminum bottles cool quickly and stay cooler for a longer period of time thanks to higher thermal conductivity and greater chill retention than glass or plastic.

Because the threading in the cap does not contain plastic, the entire container, made from virgin aluminum, is 100% recyclable. Despite a wide diameter, aluminum bottles weigh less than glass bottles making them less expensive to ship. Their superior durability makes aluminum wine bottles virtually unbreakable. 

“In spite of the fact that the wine industry continues to embody traditions that dates back many centuries, today’s brands and wine drinkers are more than ready for smart innovation,” states Vice president of Sales for CCL Container, Kimberly Kizer. “The new, aluminum wine bottles offer the best of ‘what is next’ in terms of quality, freshness, sustainability, and unique branding opportunities.”

In a fiercely competitive industry, today’s wine brands tend to blend with one another on the shelf in terms of appearance. No longer constrained by decorating limitations of traditional paper labels, CCL Container’s aluminum wine bottles now enable wineries to take advantage of expanded creative possibilities. Multi-color lithography in as many as nine colors, embossing and debossing of graphics and logos, and a variety of other design options and finishes make it possible to create outstanding brand distinction and differentiation.

CCL Container looks forward to partnering with makers of reds, whites, rosés, sparkling wines, and more. From brands with established global identities to small, boutique wineries, aluminum wine bottles that reflect timeless shapes represent an opportunity for innovation while paying respect to the legacy of the noble grape.


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