Chr Hansen launches probiotic lozenges for dental health

Introducing a combination of a two-strain probiotic blend and arginine

Chr Hansen
Chr Hansen’s probiotic lozenges can be used by both adults and children from the age of 3, in addition to the regular oral hygiene routine. Photo - Chr Hansen

Oral health challenges and dental cavities affect many people worldwide and are substantially caused by a lack of sufficient oral hygiene combined with certain diet and lifestyle choices. It is particularly prevalent in developed countries such as the US and Europe, often due to higher sugar consumption.

Dental cavities have risen to be the no one non-transmissible condition in the world and result from plaque forming on the surface of the teeth. Acid-producing bacteria can adhere, converting some of the sugars in food and drinks into acids that break down the tooth over time. If this progresses, cavities may result in pain, tooth loss, infection, and other complications, reducing the overall oral health. Oral health conditions, in general, affect 3.9 billion people worldwide.

A powerful combination of the LGG and L CASEI 431 probiotic strains

Chr Hansen now introduces probiotic lozenges that dissolve in the mouth. According to the company, it is a convenient solution with scientifically documented ingredients for maintaining dental health. The unique combination of the world’s most documented probiotic strain LGG and the L CASEI 431 probiotic strain has been shown to reduce the amount of acid-producing bacteria in the mouth. Acid-producing bacteria are known to be a risk factor for dental cavities.

“This new probiotic concept addresses the growing need for a convenient and additional oral care product. It strengthens our probiotic product portfolio, giving global and local dietary supplements, oral care or even confectionery brands an opportunity to expand their portfolios with a natural probiotic solution,” says Linda Neckmar, head of commercial development, Human Health, Chr Hansen.

Some groups have a higher risk of the unhealthy oral microbiome

Chr Hansen’s probiotic lozenges can be used by both adults and children from the age of 3, in addition to the regular oral hygiene routine. People of all ages can suffer from harmful bacteria in the mouth, representing a risk of dental cavities. However, some groups have a higher risk of unhealthy oral microbiome than others.

According to the World Dental Federation, 60-90% of school children experience dental cavities at some point. Thinner enamel and less mineralization put children at higher risk for cavities. When teens are wearing braces, plaque levels increase by up to three times compared to teens not wearing braces, which raises the risk of cavities. In addition, the elderly belong to the risk group, as the higher prevalence of dental root exposal and reduced salvia production promotes the occurrence of dental cavities.

“The global oral health care market is growing strongly. Our probiotic concept is designed to help address the factors that might increase the risk of dental cavities. If we take today’s probiotic users into consideration, the global target population for this concept is over 9 million people. Looking at the broader oral health space, we see a potential consumer base of over 39 million,” notes Neckmar.

“Chr Hansen plans to further invest in this space and drive the science behind its solutions. After successfully providing probiotic solutions for other human health areas such as gut, immune, women’s and infant health, we are ready to enter the exciting space of oral health. With this launch, we are delivering on our strategic 2025 ambitions to expand Chr. Hansen’s probiotics offering in new health areas,” she concludes.


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