Domino introduces new UV97BK food packaging compliant black ink

UV-curable black ink for K600i digital inkjet printer

UV97BK black ink can be used for non-direct food packaging applications. Photo - Domino

Domino Digital Printing Solutions has announced the launch of UV97BK, a new food packaging compliant UV-curable black ink available for use with Domino’s market-leading K600i high-resolution digital inkjet printer.

Speaking on this occasion, Jim Orford, K-Series product manager at Domino says, “I am pleased to introduce UV97BK that has been developed in response to customer demand for a non-CMR black ink that can be used for non-direct food packaging applications. This follows on from the successful introduction of a food packaging compliant full-color ink set for use with our N610i digital label press at Labelexpo 2019.”

According to the company’s press statement, under the right conditions, UV97BK is migration compliant. Developed in line with Nestlé’s guidance on food packaging inks and being fully compliant with the EuPIA exclusion policy and EuPIA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), all materials used are listed on the Swiss ordinance for food packaging inks. Even more importantly, it is a non-CMR ink and so, subject to migration status, can comply with the European Union plastic materials and articles intended to be in contact with food regulation.

Orford continues, “In addition to compliance, UV97BK does not compromise on reliability or other mechanical properties, so it also offers good adhesion properties and abrasion resistance. Domino is one of a few digital inkjet printer manufacturers with the capabilities to design, develop, and manufacture our inks. The release of UV97BK demonstrates our ability to offer customers with a reliable, robust, and compliant black ink for non-direct food packaging applications across multiple sectors.”

With over 700 installations worldwide, Domino’s versatile K600i inkjet printer is said to be simple to run and maintain and offers high productivity and efficiency.


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