Erema Group joins Chemical Recycling Europe

Erema Group to enhance association’s know-how of chemical recycling

Erema’s headquarters in Ansfelden, Austria. Photo: Erema/Wakolbinger

Erema Group is a member of the Chemical Recycling Europe association as of July 2021. The Austrian plastics recycling machine manufacturer and provider of services related to the recycling process has been committed to improving networking and intensive cooperation within the plastics industry for many years. Erema aims to integrate recycling know-how into the value chain in such a way that benefits the environment, the industry, and society.

In order to achieve the European Union’s targets for plastics recycling and the use of recyclates, the technical capabilities of mechanical recycling need to be exploited to the full by expanding collection, sorting, and recycling infrastructure and by further developing the technologies and end applications. For material flows where this recycling route is approaching its limits, it is important to regulate and apply additional processes. Chemical recycling presents an option to recycle the maximum volume of plastic waste and is the shared interest of the companies in the association.

Erema to provide circular economy suggestions

“In many cases, mechanical processes are at the beginning of the process chain for chemical recycling in order to prepare input streams and ensure a reliable, continuous, and energy-efficient material feed,” explains Klaus Lederer, Technology Research manager – Chemical Recycling at Erema Group GmbH. That is why Erema extrusion technologies adapted to meet these specific requirements are already being used in existing chemical recycling plants. As a member of Chemical Recycling Europe, Erema Group would like to contribute the know-how of the group of companies to the further development of chemical recycling processes, broaden the group’s own understanding of the needs of plant operators and promote cooperation.

“In recent years, we have not only led the way with our recycling technologies but also with activities aimed at bringing together the players in the plastics industry for discussion and interaction to put proven Circular Economy solutions on the road even faster,” says Manfred Hackl, chief executive officer of Erema Group GmbH. With chemical recycling, there are still a number of challenges to be solved. Hackl adds, “We will contribute as a member of Chemical Recycling Europe in the same way as we do in other recycling initiatives with great commitment and very good results!”

Based in Ansfelden near Linz in Austria, Erema Group is a manufacturer of plastics recycling solutions and provider of recycling process related services. The Erema Group stands for a plastics industry that takes responsibility for resources. The circular economy is the declared objective within the plastics industry, and to implement it across the board the group of companies now has six subsidiaries: Erema, 3S, Pure Loop, Umac, Plasmac and Keycycle. They cover the entire spectrum of mechanical plastics recycling – from planning and engineering through to developing and manufacturing recycling technologies as well as producing system components and trading previously owned systems. Supported by subsidiaries in the USA, China, Russia and a worldwide network of representatives, Erema recycling solutions are currently in operation in 108 countries worldwide and recycle around 14.5 million tonnes of plastic every year.


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