Lockdown – Snowman Logistics ramps up operations to meet demand

Ensures disrupted supply during the pandemic


In a message to stakeholders, Snowman Logistics has communicated that the company is running their operations 24×7. The cold storage warehousing and transportation are under essential services notified by the Government of India to meet the demand for home delivery of food, medicines, and essential goods amidst the lockdown. The company is taking abundant precautions and ensuring strict social distancing of people engaged in the supply chain business.

Last week the Prime Minister announced a nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of Covid-19, with only essential services remaining open. Ministry of Home Affairs had clarified that all facilities in the supply chain of essential goods, whether involved in manufacturing, wholesale or retail of such goods through local stores, large brick and mortar stores, or eCommerce companies, should be allowed to operate.

Commenting on the ramp-up of operations, chief executive officer, Sunil Nair said, “There is an increased demand for food and essentials from our partners involved in pharmaceuticals, quick service restaurant (QSR) and home delivery business. We are going out to ensure that there is no supply disruption amidst the lockdown. We take this as our top most priority to ensure that food reaches home, and adhering to lockdown is better followed by the community by remaining at home. We thank our team members those are working to ensure food delivery to our customers and to their customers.”

Snowman caters to its comprehensive network of clients, who source and consume products that require adequate temperature control and refrigeration including dairy products, canned food items, poultry and meat, seafood, healthcare and pharmaceutical products.


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