Michelman’s growing portfolio of BPI certified compostable coatings

BPI certification ensures rigorous testing process

Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) Certified compostable coatings. Photo - Michelman

For packaging converters looking for compostable solutions, Michelman announced the certification of three high-performance products to help make design and performance needs a reality. Michelman continues building on its 70-year history of sustainable technology as three of its PFAS-free coatings, Michem Coat 2000, Michem Coat 525, and Hydraban 8000 have recently complied with the specifications established by the American Society for Testing and Materials standards ASTM D6400 and D6868 per the terms and conditions of Biodegradable Products Institute’s (BPI) certification program for compostable products.

Rick Michelman, chief technology officer and executive vice president for Americas and Printing and Packaging, explained, “As a supplier to brand owners and other members of the packaging supply chain, we want to help transition the industry into more sustainable packaging. BPI has the largest certification program for compostable products and packaging in North America, and getting awarded BPI certification means the industry can trust that our products have gone through a rigorous testing process.”

The company said that these products have had biodegradation and ecotoxicity testing to receive BPI certification. This testing means that Michelman BPI-certified coatings are proven to biodegrade in an industrial compost environment and can be used in typical quantities in the applications they are designed, with minimal limitations.

New high-performance coatings

The newly developed Michem Coat 2000 and Michem Coat 525 are functional coatings that claim to provide maximum oil and grease performance in fiber-based food service applications. Hydraban 8000 is a water-resistant paper coating with better gluability and printability used for food packaging.

Michelman added, “We design solutions with the Circular Economy in mind, combined with what we are hearing from our converter customers and the brands they serve. Paper-based packaging materials coated with our functional coatings are typically repulpable and recyclable. Now, our growing portfolio of certified compostable coatings provides brand owners with more sustainable options to achieve the performance they need and help divert packaging from landfills.”

Michelman’s portfolio of compostable coatings is currently available in North America, with global development underway.


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