Pakka’s paper flexible packaging for Brawny Bear chocolates

Pakka enters flexible packaging segment with collaboration

Pakka Limited has launched India's first compostable flexible packaging in partnership with Brawny Bear.

Brawny Bear – a nutrition company based in India with a product portfolio of sugar-free spreads, peanut butter, honey, and other natural sweeteners – has collaborated with packaging provider Pakka Limited to make eco-friendly packaging for its newly launched chocolate bar. Brawny Bear’s chocolate bar will be packed in flexible paper packaging provided by Pakka.

Through the collaboration, Pakka is marking its foray into the flexible packaging segment and launching what is said to be India’s first-ever flexible compostable packaging for the FMCG sector.

“The packaging is a breakthrough and can cater to chocolate and confectionery products. Chocolates require a high shelf life. Our packaging comes with a certified shelf life of nine months. Chocolates are refrigerated and so our compostable flexible paper packaging is tested to withstand low temperatures. We are also in the process of engineering new forms of packaging that can address more needs of the FMCG industry,” said Jagdeep Hira, business head, Pakka Limited.

Chunky Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Bar Mockup

Flexible packaging with a multi-layered structure is non-recyclable while mono-material packaging made of BOPP/BOPE/PET is recyclable but loses value with every cycle. Whereas the paper/biobased packaging used for the packaging of Brawny Bear’s chocolate bar is easily compostable. The packaging, along with being compostable, is heat-sealable, has an adequate barrier to avoid moisture, is lightweight, and allows for excellent printing for branding purposes.

Hira believes the collaboration will have a significant impact on the FMCG industry as the industry is adopting sustainable alternatives in the current trend. “Now that we have the first brand collaboration, the word will reach out to the FMCG industry and more companies will become aware of the performance of the packaging,” Hira said. He expects more companies to develop similar materials and make the industry more sustainable.

“The collaboration with Brawny Bear is a beginning as we plan to provide more products. Our plan is to invest 5% of our total revenue in R&D, which will amount to a substantial increase in our bandwidth to innovate. We plan several other alternative packaging products,” said Hira.

Pakka’s compostable flexible packaging encompasses a range of key features that exemplify its vision to contribute towards a cleaner plant. The packaging comes with food grade compliance, heat-sealable to boast a certified compostable status, high barrier to avoid exposure, premium quality, lightweight and affordable. 


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