Reasons to consider Aptar’s Maestro closure for edible oil products

Give consumers the chef’s experience they crave with Maestro

Aptar has introduced a new Maestro closure for edible oil products
Aptar has introduced a new Maestro closure for edible oil products

Aptar Food + Beverage has recently launched a new closure named Maestro for edible oil products. Maestro is suitable at home and in foodservice kitchens for cooking and seasoning every day with any of the edible oils like sunflower, canola, palm, soybean, olive, avocado, and coconut oils. 

Edible oil manufacturers continuously strive to increase the quality of their products to meet the evolving needs of end-consumers. Choosing the right packaging and closure has also become intrinsic to provide consumers with an enjoyable and overall positive experience.

Aptar’s Maestro closure can add value to edible oil owners

These are the three main areas where Aptar’s Maestro closure can add immediate value to edible oil brands –

Enhance Consumer Convenience

Maestro’s wide finger recess allows consumers to open the lid with one hand easily. The raised spout was thoughtfully designed to provide consumers with two options to control the product flow and allow for more precise application. Furthermore, Maestro’s pouring lip promotes a clean product cut-off, keeping drips, spills, and messes under control. Maestro delivers an easy and controlled product dispensing experience in the kitchen, on the table, or outdoors.

Results from Aptar’s consumer study completed in Paris in 2021 confirmed that most participants preferred Maestro to the existing closures in the market, as it is easier to open, pour and control the product flow.

Aptar’s Maestro tight fit of the lid and the raised spout is ideal to avoid product leakage. Maestro’s tight fit is ISTA-6 approved* and designed to withstand the rigors of the eCommerce supply chain.

Provide Shelf Differentiation

Maestro’s unique look brings a fresh and modern feel to edible oil packages. The colored spout, paired with a translucent over the cap, allows brands to select colors to match each product and help draw consumers’ attention to stores’ shelves and eCommerce sites. Maestro’s premium look and feel were designed to fit in the modern lifestyle of today’s consumers.

Achieve Sustainability Goals

This is another area where Maestro can add value as it is made with a fully recyclable composition (PP/PE). With its tethered cap, non-detachable parts, and recyclable material, Maestro enables brands to meet their sustainability goals and potentially reduce eco-tax fees while appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.

*Final package needs to pass ISTA-6 protocol to comply.



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