Beam Suntory’s Blended Whisky Oaksmith Gold wins International awards

Both variants of Oaksmith won bronze at the London Spirits Competition

Beam Suntory’s International Blended Whisky Oaksmith Gold
Beam Suntory’s International Blended Whisky Oaksmith Gold

India’s first International Blended Whisky, ’ Oaksmith Gold,’ was recently recognized at two of the world’s most prestigious awards in alco-beverages. At the 13th Annual SIP Awards at California, USA, ‘Oaksmith Gold’ and its blend variant ‘Oaksmith International’ won Gold and Double Gold – a testament to the Finest Japanese Craftsmanship and world-class quality Oaksmith delivers given its commitment to purity, precision, and finest ingredients.

As the world’s only internationally recognized spirits competition that uses real consumers as a judging panel, both blend variants of Oaksmith competed with more than 1,000 brands from 49 countries, judged on the basis of aroma, taste, and finish.   

Beam Suntory won bronze for quality, value, and packaging

Additionally, at the 4th London Spirits Competition – the ultimate seal of approval in the spirits industry globally, both ‘Oaksmith Gold’ and ‘Oaksmith International’ won bronze for quality, value & packaging. The judging panel consisted of spirits industry experts with commercial buying responsibility to ensure competition winners were exactly the types of spirits preferred by trade and end consumers. 

Commenting on the awards, Neeraj Kumar, Managing Director, Beam Suntory India, said, “It is a moment of great pride for our whisky brands’ Oaksmith Gold’ and ‘Oaksmith International’ to receive a grand recognition at both the SIP Awards and London Spirits Competition. Oaksmith is a premium Indian whisky crafted by Suntory’s Chief Blender, Shinji Fukuyo, and combines the finest Scotch Malts and smoothest American Bourbons using unmatched Japanese blending techniques, bringing the best of East and West.”

“These awards are a true honor and testament to the very reason Oaksmith was launched in India – to be a brand of choice for all while continuing to offer a premium experience to our Indian consumers. We are extremely delighted that both blend variants’ Oaksmith Gold’ and ‘Oaksmith International’ performed so well at these global award platforms,” he added.

After a successful launch in India in December 2019, the brand is rapidly expanding its geographies across the country while receiving immense appreciation from consumers. Oaksmith is meticulously crafted from seed to sip to achieve a blend like no other, resulting in high quality, a smooth spirit that is rich on the nose and balanced on the palate with a full-bodied, delightful long finish.

The launch of Oaksmith in India is key to Beam Suntory’s growth strategy and signifies the importance of the Indian market to the global spirits company. The brand has already sold 100,000 cases in a few months since its launch in India. 


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