Echaar’s new CI Flexo highlighted at PrintPack

Echaar flags banking hurdles for Make in India equipment

The Echaar stand at PrintPack India 2022. Photo PSA

Following a short gap from the recent Echaar Open House at its factory near Mumbai in April, Echaar Equipment’s stand at Printpack India 2022, showed some of the impressive printed samples produced there in the demonstrations of its Flexomaster HR 500 CI press there. The Flexomaster prints on 10 micron polyester were impressive and some of the Delhi NCR flexible printers made it a point to visit Echaar at the show although a couple of the bigger packaging company visitors also came to see and meet. There is considerable interest also from label converters in mid-web presses in the 800, 880 and 1000 width categories that the company is keen to take up with its precision high-speed machines. 

Discussing Echaar’s CI flexo machines, Kirti Panchal, managing director and the man behind the Flexo project’s engineering, recalled the company’s expertise in producing CI Flexo presses over the years. He emphasized, “All these machines give customizable solutions to the client.”

However, Echaar made it very clear, ‘making in India’ is not as easy as it sounds. Panchal, pointedly said, “Despite all the hype of Make-in-India, India’s bureaucratic procedures and powerful banks make selling an Indian press to an Indian buyer impossible. Funding for buying a high technology printing press is as difficult as it can get,” he said, adding, “An international bank can make a loan to a customer at a fair rate while exporting a press to anywhere else in the world.”

At its stand, the company showed the CI flexo machine demonstration on the big screen due to the lack of display space. “On the sustainability part, the customer is moving more toward flexo. Now they are getting good quality in flexo printing which they were getting earlier only in gravure. And above all, the machines are made in India and the customers are elated. Visitors are coming to see our machines and are all invited to our demo center,” concluded Panchal.


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