Mespack to unveil RM Series at Snack & Bake Tech show 2024

Rotary machine for premade pouches market

The RM260SC offers high production capacity of up to 60 ppm, company says

Mespack, a leading manufacturer of innovative and sustainable flexible packaging solutions, has announced its participation in the Snack & Bake Tech Show, to be held from 5 to 7 June 2024, at the Yashobhoomi (IICC) in Dwarka, New Delhi. This year, Mespack will unveil its latest innovation, the Rotary Machine: RM Series, marking a significant milestone in the packaging industry.

With 30 years of experience in the flexible packaging market, Mespack has established itself as a comprehensive company with the most complete product portfolio in the sector. Mespack offers horizontal equipment (with roll-stock or premade pouches) and vertical systems to produce stick packs, flat pouches or 3- or 4-seal sachets, as well as water-soluble pods with Hydroforma machine lines, and end-of-line solutions with top quality services around the world.

One of the main attractions at Snake and Bake Tech fair will be the presentation of the new RM Series as an equipment to revolutionize the stand-up resealable premade pouches market with its state-of-the-art design and cutting-edge features. The RM260SC offers unparalleled efficiency with a 15-minute changeover capability and a remarkably reduced footprint, making it the most compact and efficient solution in its class. This machine is compatible with a wide variety of pouch types and recyclable films, catering to the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions. Additionally, it includes Mespack Athena, a digital transformation platform designed to help our customers gain better control over the packaging processes, making them more efficient through data analysis.

The unique Features of the RM260SC are – high production capacity up to 60 ppm, small footprint; quick changeover in 15 mins guaranteed; carousel system enhancing precision and quality; seamless transition between different packaging formats; and Mespack Athena Ready. 

Furthermore, the RM Series’ ability to work with sustainable and recyclable materials demonstrates a strong commitment to environmental responsibility and a deep understanding of market demands in terms of sustainability. This approach aligns perfectly with the increasingly high expectations of consumers, who are looking for products and brands committed to caring for the environment. Mespack is firmly committed to this vision, collaborating closely with key partners and testing innovation to deliver the best solutions for a greener world.

Visitors to the Snack & Bake Tech Show will have the opportunity to see live demonstrations of the RM260SC at Mespack’s stand H01 in Hall 1. Its team of experts, including managing director of India, Anthony D’Souza, and director of sales, Barun Kumar, will be on hand to provide detailed insights into the machine’s capabilities and discuss how it can transform your packaging processes.

“We are thrilled to introduce the RM Series in this India fair. The machine represents a significant leap forward in packaging technology, offering unmatched flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability. This is the perfect machine for entering the stand-up, resealable pouch market and young entrepreneurs venturing into this segment. We invite all attendees to visit our booth and discover how the RM260SC can help elevate their packaging operations,” said Anthony D’Souza.


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