Mettler-Toledo at Dairy Industry Expo – 27 – 29 October, Pune

Latest product inspection safety technologies

Mettler-Toledo X12 X-ray Inspection System

Mettler-Toledo will showcase for the first time a range of product inspection technologies at Dairy Industry Expo 2023, one of India’s largest dairy farming and processing events in Pune. At stand B-4, on 27 – 29 October 2023, experts from the Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection division will be present to provide insights and discuss the latest innovations regarding food safety technologies, which can help manufacturers boost their productivity.  

Advanced product inspection technologies on display includes: 

X12 X-ray Inspection System: Recently launched at Interpack in 2023, the X12 forms part of the X2 Series, a range of x-ray inspection systems which have been designed to help improve product safety for food manufacturers at all budgets. The X2 Series helps prevent product recalls with outstanding contamination detection capabilities. 

It detects a wide range of contaminants, including glass, metal, mineral stone, calcified bone, dense plastic and rubber compounds whilst simultaneously completing a number of quality control and integrity checks. Ideal for single-line inspection of small and medium-sized packages, the X12 incorporates a HiGain detector that produces sharper images and provides contamination detection.

C35 Checkweigher: Designed specifically for challenging weighing environments, such as in the dairy industry, this precision checkweighing system provides accurate weight measurements irrespective of conditions. With hygienic washdown capabilities, it is easy to use, allowing optimal cleanliness levels. The modular design also offers customization for efficient handling of all types of packaging. 

M31R Metal Detection System: As an entry-level metal detection system, the M31R is designed to improve metal detection sensitivity in both dry and wet products. The M31R also comes with a future-proof modular design, which is easy to upgrade as requirements change, making it an ideal choice for food manufacturers requiring safety compliance.  

MD System PA9000 Series: With a robust and open construction design, the PA9000 metal detection system is one of the most advanced food metal detectors for challenging applications such as dairy products. A very versatile system, these metal detectors are designed for wet, hot, chilled, cooling, or metalized film-packed products.  

Siddharth Kachroo, PI head of Sales, Mettler-Toledo, India

“We are thrilled to showcase our most recent innovative product inspection technologies at Dairy Industry Expo 2023,” says Siddharth Kachroo, PI head of Sales, Mettler-Toledo, India. “Our focus continues to be on the improvement of product quality, safety and productivity for food manufacturers. As such, we are particularly excited to bring our tailored expertise to dairy, farming and processing companies to help them achieve sustainable competitive advantage in an ever-evolving market.” 

The dedicated Mettler-Toledo Service Team will also be at the show to explain how manufacturers can maximize production uptime and enhance the performance and longevity of their product inspection systems through.


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