Michelman’s effort to enable more sustainable packaging

Michelman joins International Molded Fiber Association

IMFA promotes the use of molded fiber products and advocates for environmental sustainability.

To enable more sustainable packaging solutions for the circular economy, materials manufacturer Michelman company has expanded its network by joining the International Molded Fiber Association (IMFA). IMFA’s mission is to promote the global use of molded fiber products and advocate for environmental sustainability.

“We want to help transition the industry into more sustainable packaging. Our barrier coatings help improve fiber-based packaging’s functionality and performance while managing its end-of-life,” explains Rick Michelman, company’s chief technology officer & EVP, Americas & Printing & Packaging.

The company has been opening new markets for paper and film packaging ever since creating their first repulpable water-based coating over 50 years ago. Their current barrier and functional layers for paper and film make it possible to develop recyclable, repulpable, and industrially compostable packaging.

“Because IMFA’s members include manufacturers of molded fiber products, industry suppliers, and service providers, company has surrounded itself with like-minded organizations that will help accelerate the pace of product innovations for molded fiber applications,” Michelman adds.

Like molded fiber, Michelman’s water-based coatings offer opportunities to increase sustainable practices, reduce waste, and deliver product performance using fewer raw materials, with repulpable, recyclable, compostable, and renewably-sourced options.


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