Mondi confirms the trends of online shopping in Central Europe

Demand for sustainable eCommerce packaging is increasing

Mondi confirms the growing trends of online shopping and consumers preference for sustainable eCommerce packaging in Central Europe
Mondi confirms the growing trends of online shopping and consumers preference for sustainable eCommerce packaging in Central Europe

The latest market research on eCommerce shopping and packaging trends in Germany and Poland, commissioned by Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, shows that consumers of all ages continue to buy online and favor eCommerce packaging that is ‘green.’

Online interviews with 3,085 consumers in Germany and Poland conducted on behalf of Mondi during the fourth quarter of 2021* showed that an impressive 90% of the surveyed population shopped online in 2021. The data was gathered during the annual peak season for online shopping, between Black Friday and New Year’s, a period in which holiday presents were often bought online due to the pandemic. In addition to regular online shoppers of all age groups, a rise in the senior generation of shoppers who have entered the digital malls is visible, and they seem to enjoy the online experience.

Mondi Silver surfers are here to stay

Mondi Silversurfer Supremebox
Mondi Silversurfer Supremebox

‘Silver surfers’ are and will continue to be important contributors to eCommerce growth. In 2021 the growing demographic of consumers aged 55+ in Germany and Poland have been buying even more online than they did in 2020. Safety and health reasons during the pandemic motivated 41% of this group to shop online in 2021, but Silver Surfers also say they shop online for convenience (39%), the chance to buy things not available locally (45%), and to get a better overview of brands and offers (52%).

Sustainability expectations driving purchasing behavior

As shopping online becomes routine, more people of all ages in Germany and Poland prefer practical and sustainable packaging. A strong majority of respondents want the packaging to be reusable for returns (79%), easily foldable (69%), and recyclable (82%).

According to the research, environmentally responsible packaging can be a driver of sales. Almost half of the surveyed consumers (48%) would be willing to pay up to three Euros extra to receive their online purchases in environmentally friendly packaging.

“As a supplier of multi-material sustainable eCommerce packaging solutions, we’re delighted that online shoppers are showing a strong preference for packaging that is fit-for-purpose and considers the impact on our planet. We support companies and brands by partnering with them to produce packaging solutions, such as boxes, mailers, or paper bags, that are sustainable by design, made from paper, and with the minimum amount of packaging that still ensures products arrive safely at the doors of online shoppers. What’s increasingly important to consumers is how they can reuse or recycle that packaging afterward,” Daniela Dorner, eCommerce director at the company.

Unboxing becoming brand loyalty influencer

‘Unboxing’ is the latest example of packaging’s importance to brand loyalty and sales. Awareness of this trend has been increasing over the past three years. Today, close to half (44%) of surveyed online consumers have experienced the joy of unboxing, which is particularly valued by people in Poland (50%). More than half (58%) of consumers in Poland say that a nice unboxing experience would convince them to order again from the same online store.

Mondi Silversurfer Carrierbox
Mondi Silversurfer Carrierbox

“Packaging influences online consumer behavior, and ‘unboxing’ is the ultimate packaging experience. Fueled by social media, unboxing is so far mostly a topic of conversation among younger people, but it will be interesting to see how this trend develops given how popular online shopping has become across all generations,” Armand Schoonbrood, chief operating officer at Mondi Corrugated Solutions.

* The data used is based on an online survey conducted by YouGov Deutschland GmbH in which 3,085 persons participated between 8 and 15 December 2021 in Germany (n = 2,082) and Poland (n = 1,003). The results have been weighted and represent the respective population (18+).



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