From recyclability to circularity with NextCycle IML

JOZO saltshaker tubes upgraded with NextCycle IML labels

JOZO turned to SFA with a vision of complete recyclability. The salt tubes were revamped into mono-material PP packaging decorated with IML, which assured recyclability as well as shelf appeal.

SFA packaging, JOZO, Cirpack by Veolia and MCC Verstraete have joined hands to introduce new circular PP packaging: the JOZO NextCycle IML decorated saltshakers.  

Continuous packaging improvement: from partially recyclable to fully recyclable and RecyClass B-score

JOZO’s saltshaker range is a textbook example of continuous packaging improvement. Before 2021, the packaging was a combination of cardboard and aluminum (tube), polyethylene (bottom) and polystyrene (PE/PS cap). Seen the multicomponent construction, the shakers were considered partially recyclable.

Wanting to future-proof its packaging, JOZO turned to SFA with a vision of complete recyclability. The salt tubes were revamped into mono-material PP packaging decorated with IML, which assured recyclability as well as shelf appeal. The all-polypropylene packaging was assessed by RecyClass, the cross-industry initiative that advances plastic packaging circularity in Europe. Based on the October 2022 scoring methodology for white rigid PP packaging, the standard IML-decorated salt tube was classified B.

Keeping score with NextCycle IML

In February 2023, RecyClass further intensified the DfR guidelines and requirements for packaging to be considered recyclable and – ultimately – circular.

“Driven by JOZO’s visionary commitment to sustainable progress and true to our mission of delivering 100% recyclable and circular packaging solution, we wanted to take it one step further to live up to constantly evolving packaging regulations. Together with MCC Verstraete and JOZO we looked at the options for further improvement. We started trials replacing standard IML labels by the NextCycle IML technology,” says Alexander Heinsdijk, Business Development and Marketing manager at SFA Packaging.

Trials that soon showed to be successful in terms of printing quality, processability and, most importantly in this project: recyclability.

“As a next generation solution for sustainable rigid PP packaging, NextCycle IML labels are uniquely designed to separate from the container during the mechanical recycling process, while staying securely fastened with no impairment to its adhesive properties during its lifecycle,” says Nico Van de Walle, Product and Circular Economy manager Global IML at MCC.

The NextCycle IML technology allows for the packaging to enter the recycling process without the label. In this case, recycling the JOZO tubes results in white recycled material. It’s the perfect balance between recyclability and shelf appeal,” Nico continues.

Future-proof plastic packaging

“As we’re paving the road to a circular economy for plastic packaging, DfR guidelines and Recyclass’ classification requirements will indeed continue to grow stricter. Going mono-material was a giant step forward for JOZO’s salt shakers. Decorating the packaging with NextCycle IML labels, supports the future availability of high purity rPP.” says Vincent Mooij, Director of Cirpack by Veolia.

MCC Verstraete has over 30 years of experience in offset-printing labels for injection molding, blow molding and thermoforming. 

SFA has over 25 years of experience in both innovation and collaboration in order to deliver and constantly improve injection molded packaging solutions. 

Since 1929, JOZO has crafted salt. Originating as Royal Dutch Salt Industries, we’ve evolved from traditional evaporation to innovative methods, sourcing diverse salts from ancient underground layers, the Himalayas, and the Mediterranean seas. 

Cirpack by Veolia supports brand owners and packaging companies in order to increase the recyclability of packaging. 


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