Parkside expands sustainable packaging portfolio with Mintons

The collaboration is to extend the shelf life of goods

Parkside is expanding its sustainable packaging portfolio after a collaboration with health food wholesaler, Mintons
Parkside is expanding its sustainable packaging portfolio after a collaboration with health food wholesaler, Mintons

Specialist packaging solutions provider Parkside, has added an innovative pack design to its sustainable packaging portfolio after collaborating with health food wholesaler, Mintons

The new compostable pack created by Yorkshire, UK headquartered company for Mintons’ range of healthy foods will replace the brand’s previously non-recyclable plastic packaging for its range of pulses, beans, cereals, and dried fruits. Incorporating improved oxygen barrier performance, the packaging will also further extend the shelf life of the goods. 

Roger Watkins, managing director at Mintons, said, “We are a healthy foods brand, and our customers are environmentally conscious, so it makes sense that we progress our business model by adopting sustainable packaging for our products. The pack created by Parkside has aligned a significant portion of our offering to both our business and consumer ethos. Parkside are industry-leaders in sustainable packaging, so they were always our go-to partner for this venture.”

Parkside speaks about consumer’s preference for sustainable packaging

The duplex compostable laminate used in the Mintons pack is manufactured by Futamura and is safe for food packaging. The pack is also designed to break down within 26 weeks in a home composting environment, gaining full accreditation from TUV (formerly Vincotte). The packs are also tested for eco-toxicity and various other criteria against EN 13432, the European standard that lays out the requirements for recoverable packaging through composting or biodegradation. 

Roger further commented, “With the current plastic debate showing no signs of slowing down, our new innovative packaging solution is beneficial both for the environment and in terms of being a powerful marketing tool to environmentally-conscious consumers.”

New Business development manager for Parkside, Paul Lenihan, added, “Consumer concerns have shifted a lot throughout the pandemic, but sustainability has remained at the forefront of their minds, particularly in the health foods sector. It’s great that Mintons has turned its attention to its packaging and that our sustainable packaging portfolio fits intrinsically with their goals.”



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