Testronix launches vacuum leak tester

Packaging testing equipment for containers

The vacuum leak tester machine of Testronix for containers

Testronix Instruments, a provider of test and measurement solutions, recently launched a next-generation technology vacuum leak tester to detect leaks in containers. Equipped with a built-in compressor and vacuum pump, it creates a vacuum inside the chamber for accurate results.

According to Testronix, the instrument sets new standards for accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. “Whether you are in manufacturing, automotive engineering, or any other field that requires air-tightness assurance, our vacuum leak tester will revolutionize your testing process.”

With its bubble emission technology, the tester allows a user to detect leaks in containers. It is based on the principle of creating a vacuum inside a test chamber and measuring any pressure change to identify potential leaks. The test can be conducted using either wet or dry methods, depending on the nature of the product being tested, the company elaborated.

A major advantage of using this tester, the company says, is its ability to detect tiny leaks that may not be visible to the eye. By accurately identifying these leaks, manufacturers can ensure that their products meet stringent quality standards before they reach consumers, it said.

Using this tester is simple and straightforward. The operator places the product inside the test chamber, selects the appropriate testing mode (wet or dry), sets desired parameters such as vacuum level and testing time, and initiates the process. The instrument will perform all necessary steps automatically while providing real-time data for analysis,” the company said.


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