VeriPack Solutions shows its MAP packaging for food

MAP for enhancing the shelf life of food products

VeriPack Solutions shows its MAP packaging for food
VeriPack Solutions India showcased ready-to-eat packaged foods using MAP formats at ProPak India 2021.

VeriPack Solutions India, part of the Italian Ilpra Group, is a manufacturer of machines for food and non-food packaging since 1989. Its wide range of niche packaging machines and technologies are designed to maximize the preservation of perishable products.

The company’s stainless steel thermoforming machines are used for food and non-food packaging that meets the needs of small, medium, and large production runs, with quick format changes. These are used for packaging fresh and processed meat, cheeses, fresh pasta, sandwiches, fish, bread, and bakery products. 

The company specializes in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) for vacuum and skin packs that are used to enhance the shelf life of food products. At the ProPak India trade show in New Delhi, we met Rajesh Ranveria, who is responsible for managing technical sales and services at the Veripack in India where it showcased ready-to-eat packaged foods using MAP formats. 

VeriPack believes in sharing packaging ideas

Ranveria said this was the company’s first time at the ProPak India show, one of the first held in the country after the Covid-19 pandemic. “Before the event, we didn’t expect the footfall that we saw in all the three days of the exhibition. We are getting a good response from our customers and have received many queries from them related to packaging of food products.”

VeriPack has dedicated itself to the promotion and implementation of modified atmosphere packaging and giving the right solution to segments like the producers of ethnic Indian sweets. Today, everybody is looking for a good type of packaging, our focus is to help our customers with the ideas of how to pack food products and protect them from the oxygen and moisture present in the atmosphere,” he said.

He concluded our conversation by saying, “No doubt, the packaging industry is doing extremely well in the market, but the thing that is still lacking in the industry is the sharing and wider spread of  packing ideas and knowledge. More knowledge sharing about the kinds of materials that are being used for packaging can create a healthy environment for brand owners, technology suppliers and consumers. This broadening of knowledge and information will help save food and also to maintain the healthiest and most hygienic practices right up to the consumer.”


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