Zhongke India’s strong show at IndiaCorr Expo 2022

Die cutter sold to Concord Printing

Zhongke India booth at IndiaCorr Expo. Photo: IFB
Zhongke India booth at IndiaCorr Expo. Photo: IFB

Zhongke India, a provider of a wide range of packaging solutions, put up a strong show at the recently concluded IndiaCorr Expo 2022 held in Mumbai’s Bombay Exhibition Centre from 8-10 October. Zhongke India’s stall was one of the biggest at the expo, and a number of machines were running live.

The company demonstrated a die cutter, a litho lamination machine, a window-patching machine, and a box-erecting machine at its booth. “Automation is the focus area for us at the IndiaCorr Expo 2022, and we showed a variety of post-print solutions for the corrugated industry,” said Rohit Rajpal, director of Zhongke India.

The Wenhong WH 1050SS die cutter that was on display at the expo has been sold to the Vadodara-based Concord Printing. “We have had a good relationship with Concord and have supplied a number of machines to them. The WH 1050SS die cutter is one of them,” said Rajpal.

Wenhong WH 1050SS die cutter sold to Concord Printing. Photo: IFB
Wenhong WH 1050SS die cutter sold to Concord Printing.       Photo: IFB

With a working pressure of 400T, the WH 1050SS has a design speed of up to 8000 sheets/hour and an accuracy of 0.15 mm. Equipped with both a top feeder and a lead edge feeder, the machine can efficiently run 4 mm corrugated jobs.

The Wenhong WHL 1512 litho laminator that was also on display is specially configured for high-quality and high-precision colored litho cartons. Sheet-to-sheet pasting, as well as 5-ply corrugated sheets, can be processed on the machine. With a design speed of 160 meters/min, the machine gives high laminating accuracy within 1 mm. The machine automatically stops within 10 seconds in case of no glue and thus helps in minimizing production loss.

Good response at the expo

IndiaCorr Expo 2022 was the first offline event dedicated to the corrugated industry since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic. Rajpal says the expo was very good for the company.

“The IndiaCorr Expo took place after a long break and, therefore, the excitement among the corrugation industry was palpable. We got a very good response and generated a number of strong leads. The Indian corrugated industry is growing, and customers are opting for better and faster machines and focusing on automation,” Rajpal concludes.


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