Baskin-Robbins introduces four new icy slushes

With a hit of nostalgia introduces a new category of frosty, crushed ice beverages that come in exciting flavors that feel familiar, but with a twist

Baskin-Robbins introduces four new icy slushes. Photo Baskin-Robbins

Inspire Brands owns the Baskin-Robbins ice cream and cake specialty shop restaurant business in the United States. Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins created it in 1945. The company has expanded beyond ice cream and now offers clients classic slushes that everyone remembers from their childhood.

Slushes are Baskin-Robbins’ step outside the ice cream category, and the brand is all set to up the ante on fun and happyness. These slushes come in flavors that are a refreshing twist on classic tastes that used to be our all-time favorites back in our childhoods.

We all have pleasant childhood memories of sipping a gola, and the brand is bringing that feeling back to consumers of all ages. The slushes collection is a reminder to everyone’s youth, and each sip will give them ‘gola feelings.’

The slushes come in the following flavors-

Peach Ice Tea – Slush based chilled iced tea with a delicious flavor.

Kala Khatta – Refreshing Jamun slush with black salt that tastes sweet, tart, and zesty all at the same time.

Masala Guava– Slush drink with guava and a dash of chilli.

Orange Mint – Pleasant orange and mint slush drink with sweet, fruity overtones.

Mint Mojito – Slush Mojito cocktail with lemon and mint. A completely different way to enjoy a Mojito.

Prepare to be obsessed with these delicious new slushes. Baskin-Robbins is famous for its ice cream and ice cream-related products like cakes and thickshakes, and they’re now entering an all-new market with the same energy and reputation.

Raghav Ravichandar, general manager-Marketing, Baskin-Robbins says, ‘‘We are really excited to announce the launch of this fun new category- slushes. Being a brand that considers taste and innovation to be its foundation, we are always looking for new ways to give our consumers an experience they’ve not had before. The slushes range is a nod to everyone’s childhoods when ‘golas’ were the easiest way to beat the heat. The flavors themselves are nostalgic and suited to the Indian palate. Each sip of a slush will take you back to the days when golas were the ideal way to tantalize your taste buds and refresh yourself instantly.’’


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