Bikano expands its summer cooler range of flavored milk

It has introduced strawberry, choco and banana in flavored milk range

Bikano’s different range of flavored milk
Bikano’s different range of flavored milk

Leading snacks company Bikano has come up with a big launch in the summer of 2022 as consumption in this sector. Bikano is rolling out its summer cooler range by introducing strawberry, choco and banana drinks in the wide selection of flavoured milk domains. 

With this new launch, the company is expecting better sales volume during this season as summers and festivities are the best time to indulge in various drinks to stay cool, refreshed, and hydrated. 

“For our highly popular summer cooler range, we already have Badami Brahmi, Rose, Jeera Shikanji, Khus, Orange and Thandai Kesaria flavors available under the Sharbat domain. Now we are venturing into the milk range with these variants. We have launched these flavors – strawberry, choco and banana in our flavored milk range, considering the Indian taste palate for summer drinks. Consistent market feedback has helped us a lot in developing this portfolio. Covid-19 gave us a setback in our sales for sometime during the pandemic. But, during the financial year 2021-22, sales numbers started falling back to track with growth. For this financial year, we are expecting growth of 14% as compared to last year,” said Manish Aggarwal, director, Bikano, Bikanervala Foods. 

Growth of Bikano summer cooler range in the last three years

For their summer cooler range products, most of their sales start from February and stay till August. As the season changes, most consumers do not prefer to have cold drinks during winter. This is the time when the company starts witnessing reduced sales numbers for their beverage section. Considering the inflation, Bikano has reconsidered its prices for the complete summer cooler range.

“Summer is a really important time for us. For our drinks range, we depend solely on the weather as our sales peak during summers. Every year, we come up with the launch of a new variant, and for that, we run promotions and do big advertising online and out of the home. It has been observed that consumers spend comparatively high on cool drinks during summers to stay hydrated. Bikano summer cooler range is continuously growing, and we have seen a consistent growth of 12% every year in the last three years,” said Dawinder Pal, head of marketing at Bikano.

The Bikano summer cooler range is continuously growing, and we are expecting the same growth in FY22-23. We have consistently grown by 12% every year in the last three years. However, for FY 2022-23, we are targeting to touch 14% growth. We are also trying to balance consumer price sensitivity with price elasticity and competitive dynamics to maintain a steady volume momentum. But since we have been facing inflation on several counts such as in packaging and freight for some time now, as a sector, we may need to reconsider our pricing strategy,” Aggarwal added. 


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