Buhler announces Granulex 5 after a decade of development

Granulex 5 offers 10 to 30% reduction in energy consumption

Granulex 5 (Photo: Buhler group)

Bühler’s new solution, the Granulex 5 hammer mill series that assures greater energy efficiency and more sustainable production in feed and food plants, was finally announced after a decade of development. 

In today’s challenging energy environment, doing more with less has become a pressing requirement for everyone – including all feed and food producers. In their plants, grinding is one the most energy-consuming process steps and therefore hammer mill customers are seeking solutions that enable them to get more output with less energy. Greater energy efficiency is one of the prime benefits of the Granulex 5 series. It offers 10% reduction in energy consumption per ton, which can reach up to 30% in some cases.

In addition to  efficiency and ease of maintenance, Granulex 5 series is characterized by its high throughputs. Distinguished by flexibility, each hammer mill is specifically configured according to its field of application.

Safe access to the grinding chamber

The two large main doors can be easily opened and slid to the side; it means the sliding doors do not obstruct the operator during maintenance work. The safety of personnel is always guaranteed thanks to the constant monitoring of the door and active locking during operation. A safety circuit guarantees that the machine cannot start when the doors are open.

Changing beaters gets easier

Downtime is no longer an issue for Granulex 5 Series hammer mills. One person can replace the beaters independently. The patented Bühler hammer cages enable an operator to prepare the new beater sets completely outside of the machine. The prepared sets are then simply installed in the machine and picked up by a classic beater shaft. Simple to use and reliable.

Tailor-made for applications

The modular design increases the flexibility to meet the requirements of multiple product manufacturing. Each Granulex 5 Series hammer mill is specifically configured according to its field of application.


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