Launch of color sorter manufacturing unit at Bühler India

India an important market for color sorting and building high-tech machines for the region

Sortex buhler India
Buhler India inaugurates Sortex for rice manufacturing at its plant in Bengaluru in India Photo Buhler

Bengaluru, 9 August 2022 – Bühler India launched its state-of-the-art color sorter manufacturing facility in Bühler Bengaluru as a part of its “Make in India” initiative. This new facility offers world-class products to customers in the region with the added benefit of them being manufactured in India, in line with Bühler’s approach of “in the region, for the region.”

Validated by Bühler SORTEX experts in the UK (United Kingdom), the optical sorters are manufactured to the highest standards in this new manufacturing facility. The facility will also host all applicable spare parts, and new services for customers in a fast-track process. This means that customers will experience shorter delivery times and increased supply chain efficiency, resulting in improved customer relationships.

In line with the Bühler sustainability goals, the color sorters are manufactured in a renewable energy facility and significantly contribute to optimizing the carbon footprint.
Speaking at the launch of the facility, Johannes Wick, CEO Business Grains & Food, said, “Producing optical sorters with the world leading flagship Bühler SORTEX technology in India is a true landmark for not only the sorting but the entire grain and food processing market.”

For more than 25 years, Bühler India has been supplying high-quality grains and food processing equipment manufactured in its production facility to customers across India and overseas. The strategic decision to add color sorting equipment is set to lead Bühler on a new journey to create technological innovations and maintain product leadership while providing competitive solutions.

Addressing the “Make in India” initiative, Prashant Gokhale, Managing Director, Bühler India, said, “Under the ‘Make in India’ initiative it is a proud moment for us to launch an optical color sorter manufactured from our facility in Bengaluru. This would enable the grains and food industry in India to have easy access to the latest technologies in color sorting which would directly contribute to food quality and safety. With our continued innovation, we are strengthening our commitment towards our sustainability goals.”

As one of Bühler Group’s global technology centers, Bühler India has the complete infrastructure, advanced technology, R&D (Research & Development), and innovation resources that have resulted in establishing a solid supply chain across the country. With the addition of this new facility, Bühler will continue moving closer to its customers.
Divya Purohit, Head of Business Grains & Food, Bühler India, is looking forward to newer associations this strategic move will bring. “The high precision color sorters made in India will help our customers to produce the best quality of rice which will further forge our relationship with them. We are confident that there will be a strong pull from the market based on the customer feedback on the performance of our color sorter machines.”

The primary responsibility of Manufacturing, Logistics, & Supply Chain is to ensure a smooth supply of Bühler color sorters for customers with an approach of “in the region for the region.” All Bühler factories worldwide follow the Bühler Production System (BPS) with its Total Synchro principles, and each factory in the network has a clearly defined focus. Falling under the same category, this manufacturing facility will also follow these pre-established objectives. In addition, the employees in the manufacturing unit strive to deliver Bühler products at the right quality and right time, every single time.

“India is an important market for color sorting and to start a local production of our high-tech machines in India is an important milestone for us. We are convinced that we will offer attractive solutions for the local market,” said Carmen Schlatter Broger, Head of Business Area Digital Technologies.


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