Compostable drinking straws that don’t taste of paper

Stable, rigid, and heat resistant

Gaia's compostable straws

Swedish Bioplastics company Gaia Biomaterials has said it has completed the development of a new compostable drinking straw material. The new material is stable, rigid, and heat resistant and allows for the manufacture of sustainable straws for all types of drinks.

The new material is a grade of the company’s limestone based Biodolomer material. Biodolomer does not leave any microplastics and is certified compostable by BPI in the USA as well as European certification bodies, the company said.

The new grade has been developed with hot drinks, such as Irish Coffee and hot chocolate, in mind. It can handle temperatures over 80ºC without any substantial loss in rigidity and stability.

Several tests have been conducted with drinking straw manufacturers in Europe and the USA, and the results were so promising that the first full-scale production runs will take place in late May. The material works well in the machines, and the properties are according to expectations.

“Drinking straws have been an issue for many,” says Gaia Biomaterials CEO Peter Stenström. “According to many consumers, the degradable alternatives have simply not been good enough.”

“But soon you’ll be able to use straws again. With a clean conscience and without a distinct aftertaste of paper…”


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