Epigamia’s protein milkshakes with zero-added sugar

Vanilla Caramel and Cookies & Cream

Epigamia launches India’s first 25 g Protein Milkshakes with zero added sugar

Epigamia, the flagship brand of Drums Food International, recently launched India’s first 25 g protein milkshakes (ready-to-drink) with zero added sugar, zero fat and zero preservatives. It comes in two delicious flavors – Vanilla Caramel and Cookies & Cream.

It is ideal as a pre or post work-out fix or simply as a protein-rich snack and easy to carry and consume. The Turbo range of protein milkshakes are available in a 250 ml bottle. The source of protein is milk protein concentrate (MPC) which has a PDCAAS score (protein digestibility scoring system adopted by US FDA) of 1, which makes it the easiest protein to digest and absorb. 

When compared to other ready-to-drink protein milkshakes, Epigamia’s turbo range has a better protein-to-calorie ratio (25% more protein for the same amount of calories), the company says. When compared to whey powder, the calorie and protein content of 1 bottle is on a par with 1 scoop of whey powder. And to top it all, it has zero added sugar, zero fat and no preservatives.

Rahul Jain, co-founder and CEO of Epigamia, said, “At Epigamia, we firmly believe that enjoying a healthier lifestyle should be a flavorful and convenient experience for everyone. Today, most Indians are protein deficient. Fortunately, awareness around protein is rising and people are increasingly adding protein in their diet. Our aim is to deliver a product with an outstanding macronutrient profile, easy absorption, great taste, and convenience through our Epigamia Turbo protein milkshakes!

These Turbo 25g protein Milkshakes are now available at select stores nationwide and online on Swiggy Instamart, Blinkit, BigBasket and epigamiastore.com


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