Marico Expands its Breakfast Portfolio with Saffola Muesli

Kesar Crunch, Berry Crunch and Choco Crunch - New flavors

Saffola launches its new Muesli range, making breakfast exciting through Flavour & Crunch

Marico, one of India’s leading FMCG companies has announced the launch of Saffola Muesli with Flavour Pops, aiming to leverage the brand’s equity in the adult breakfast segment.

Over the years, Saffola has emerged as one of the leading players with a wide breakfast range, having become India’s No. 1 brand in oats and launching extension to categories like peanut butter, honey etc. Saffola has continuously innovated to meet the evolving needs of consumers to make convenient nutrition ‘exciting’. Building on its legacy and commitment, the brand peps up the category with crunchy muesli, in three new delicious and flavourful options – Kesar Crunch, Berry Crunch and Choco Crunch.

Saffola launched their range of Muesli, keeping in mind the popular flavours associated with milk, – whether it’s the rich and aromatic kesar, the fruity goodness of berries, or the indulgent and dainty chocolate. These variants are crafted to make breakfast an enjoyable and satisfying experience with a burst of flavor and crunch delivered through the inclusion of a unique flavor pops format. Made with a natural mix of multigrain and millet, the flavor pops make Saffola Muesli irresistibly crunchy till the last bite. Moreover, each flavor is designed to satisfy the palate combined with a blend of 15-in-1 fruits, nuts, seeds, millet & more, which make it a powerhouse of nutrition.

Speaking about the launch of the new products, Vaibhav Bhanchawat, chief operating officer – India & Foods Business, Marico, said, “Our foray into the Muesli category marks a significant milestone in line with our brand proposition of offering consumers “better for you” products with a “taste first” approach. While there is a growing need of products that deliver convenient nutrition, we also understand that consumers equally want their breakfast to be exciting and uplifting as it sets the tone for the rest of the day. We identified the opportunity to bring excitement and familiarity to a new-age category like Muesli, much like the success we have seen in making oats exciting through Saffola Masala Oats. The idea was to deliver consumer delight through our unique flavor pops format that gives a burst of flavor and an irresistibly crunchy experience. We believe these popular flavors launched under Saffola Muesli with Crunch Flavour Pops will help consumers “brighten up their mornings to take on the day.”


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