Mettler-Toledo launches 100% automated label inspection solution suite

The new V13 Flat Pack Label Inspection system

This new portfolio is a cost-effective way to exchange unreliable, manual spot checks with 100% automated label inspection in high-speed production lines.

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection has launched a completely automated, full-label inspection service for food manufacturers. The technology inspects 100% of products and shapes and identifies 100% of label data and quality challenges. This new portfolio, consisting of the V13 Flat Pack Label, CV and CMV Combination, is a cost-effective way to exchange unreliable, manual spot checks with 100% automated label inspection in high-speed production lines. The solution helps to achieve documented label inspection in line with industry guidelines such as the BRCGS to support consumer safety, and prevent recalls and expensive retailer fines. 

We are very excited to be launching our new label inspection technology offering,” says Neil Gruettner, Business Development manager, Vision Inspection, Mettler-Toledo. “The 100% automated label inspection portfolio is fully flexible and offers solutions that can easily be integrated into existing production lines, either as installation kits, standalone systems or combined with other Mettler-Toledo product inspection devices, such as checkweighers, metal detectors or x-ray systems. We are looking forward to demonstrating to new and existing customers how easy it is to replace manual spot checks with 100% label inspection. All help to reduce rework, recall risks and retailer fines”.  

Many manufacturers need help with label data and label quality issues. From common operator errors to equipment malfunctions, including torn labels or ink smudging, labeling has long been an issue for manufacturers that cannot be effectively solved with manual spot checks. Whether it is checking the right product is in the right package, the codes are readable and the ingredients such as allergens are correct, the new label inspection offering from Mettler-Toledo reliably detects every nonconformity.  

The new offering includes advanced Mettler-Toledo smart cameras to inspect oriented products from the side and top. This unique new smart line scan camera effectively inspects labels or prints on the underside of products and offers a 360-degree inspection head for checking round objects. The cameras can be mixed and matched to suit any production need and can also be used to inspect caps and lids. The software is particularly easy to use, featuring a dedicated tool for label inspection that helps with product set-up. Additionally, it offers software tool tips which are inspection tools to intuitively guide operators through the image processing settings such as lights, shutter or focus on maximizing image quality. The new technology can be retrofitted onto existing Mettler-Toledo equipment offering considerable space savings.  

V13 Flat Pack Label Inspection

Robust, flexible, and space-saving: This solution carries out reliable label inspection from the bottom up to inspect labels on the underside of flat packs. The stand-alone solution offers configurable material handling options and can be extended with top and side smart cameras.

CV Combination

Efficient weight and label inspection: The CV Combination fully integrated system offers weight control and completeness check combined with label inspection for all product shapes. The space-saving solution is fully configurable from standardized modules and offers advanced quality control.

CMV Combination

Effective 3-in-1 inspection solution: This powerful critical control point delivers metal detection, weight control, and label inspection in one, fully integrated and space-saving device. Its configuration is flexible and can be designed to match application needs.  


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