Nutricircle introduces nutrition-based plant protein isolates

Exhibited at Aahar exhibition in New Delhi

The nutrition-based plant protein isolates were on display at the Aahar 2023 exhibition in New Delhi.

Nutricircle, an R&D and science-based company, has introduced nutrition-based plant protein isolates at the 37th edition of Aahar 2023 exhibition in New Delhi. Nutricircle is a BSE-listed nutraceuticals and science company, which works towards making nutrition more sustainable for consumers. With better protein profiles, the company says it ensures the quality of the raw material and supply chain to provide a fair return to the farmers. 

The research and development of these nutrition-based plant protein isolates is conducted at known institutions such as the Plant Based Foods Industry Association, Nutri Hub, ICAR- Indian Institute of Millets Research, International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) and Ag Hub. 

Nutricircle has introduced cereals, pulses, oil seeds, and millets such as quinoa, bajra, jowar, moong beans, amaranth, foxtail millet, rajma, and horse gram, and protein extracts that can be further used by nutraceutical companies to provide better protein-based products. The protein extracts of cereals, pulses, oil seeds, and millets can be used in flour formulation, nutraceuticals, sports nutrition, beverages, and the cosmetic industry.

The objective of launching these products at Aahar was to create awareness about the consumption of protein-based products and reach out to nutraceutical companies. “Considering the new-age food selections, focused more on planet-conscious and sustainable choices, and people opting for more nutritious and healthy foods and supplements, it is necessary for us as a company to introduce products that are in sync with this ongoing transformation”, says Hitesh M Patel, Director, Nutricircle. 

“The year 2023, is the International Year of the Millets declared by the United Nations, to promote the staple crop of India, millets, which has a number of health benefits and nutrition attached to it. At Nutricircle, we aim to bring out the best quality isolated plant protein with the extracts,” says Patel.


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