Parle Agro’s Dhishoom masala drink launched nationwide

Company’s national foray into the masala soda segment

The 125 ml pack (L) and the 250 ml pack (R) of Dhishoom

Parle Agro, known for its contributions in the Indian beverage industry, has launched Dhishoom, a jeera masala flavored carbonated drink, nationwide. With its availability across the country, the company claims its launch as the first national brand in the masala soda category.

Dhishoom, originally launched in 2012 and was available in rural and small-town markets. Recognizing the growing demand for jeera-based drinks in India, Parle Agro has now introduced Dhishoom across the country. Available in two sizes – 125ml and 250ml, priced at Rs. 10 and 20 respectively, Dhishoom is an affordable refresher.

Speaking on the launch, Ankit Kapoor, head of marketing and international business, Parle Agro said, “The pan India launch of Dhishoom marks our national foray into the masala soda segment with the aim to establish leadership in the fragmented jeera masala drink category. We will leverage our understanding of the consumer’s taste, design lead brand building capability and our distribution network to unlock this category.”

According to a company release, the jeera masala drink category, encompassing both organized and unorganized segments, commands a market size of approximately ₹700 crore. While regional players currently dominate pockets of the market, there exists a noticeable gap for a strong national brand to emerge and capture market share. Parle Agro aims to fill this gap by becoming the first nationwide brand in this segment.

Nadia Chauhan, joint managing director of Parle Agro, adds, “Nothing fuels our passion more than elevating categories to unimaginable heights. Dhishoom’s national launch shows our commitment to seizing market potential. Our mission is to position Dhishoom as the ultimate choice in the jeera masala drink category, cementing Parle Agro’s leadership in the category and the beverage industry as a whole.”

As part of its marketing strategy, Parle Agro will utilize its distribution network and implement eye-catching Point-of-Sale Materials (POSMs) to enhance visibility for the brand. Additionally, digital platforms and collaborations with influencers will be employed to effectively engage with the target audience at a regional level.


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