Piperleaf India launches vegan chocolates

Vegan My!k chocolate and 60% Dark Chocolate available in 50-gram packs

Piperleaf India
Piperleaf India Vegan My!k chocolate

Generally, there are so many options of vegan dark chocolates available in the Indian market; however, it is very difficult to find a bar of vegan milk chocolate readily due to which people had to settle down with regular dairy-based milk chocolates.

Piperleaf India decided to take a small step towards introducing vegan my!k chocolate and 60% dark chocolate as their very first products. The company is working on product line extension of the vegan mylk chocolates to include sugar-free, fruit and nut, and mixed seeds varieties.

The Piperleaf classic Vegan My!k chocolate uses hazelnuts and cashew nuts to replace dairy-based milk. The 60% Dark Chocolate is made with pure cocoa butter and unrefined raw sugar.

These all-natural product offerings have no added preservatives, no artificial additives, no artificial flavors and colours, no soy, no dairy-based milk, no refined sugar, and oil. They are gluten-free, and 100% plant-based. The chocolates are available in 50 gram packs and are priced at Rs 199 for Vegan My!k Chocolate and Rs 149 for 60% Dark Chocolates.

Piperleaf is a Gurgaon based company, which has been started in the year 2020 with an objective to introduce vegan food and beverage products like chocolates, cheese, yogurt using vegan milk so that it could be helpful for society in making a smooth and easy transition from dairy-based milk products. This will be helpful and beneficial for animals, the planet, and, very importantly, human health.

Piperleaf India
Piperleaf India 60% Dark Chocolate

Looking at the current scenario, this is the right time to educate people about veganism, compassion, and social justice. The brains behind Piperleaf India believe in a plant-based diet. Being on this vegan lifestyle, they missed out on many food products like dairy-based milk chocolates, cheese, yogurt and decided to start their own venture and introduce some delicious vegan products and dairy alternatives to the Indian market.

Piperleaf India has introduced vegan chocolates as its very first product. The vegan chocolates are a perfect alternative to dairy-based milk chocolates. The company envisions to introduce more vegan food products in the coming future to help our society in making a smooth transition from dairy and unethical products to a plant-based vegan diet.


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