Prasuma launches ready-to-eat momos

Eyes Rs 100 crore revenue by 2021

ready-to-eat momos
Prasuma launches ready-to-eat fully cooked steamed momos in four flavors including original chicken, spicy chicken, pork and vegetable momos (pic courtesy - Prasuma)

Prasuma has recently launched ready-to-eat frozen momos. In an exclusive interview with us, Lisa Suwal, chief executive officer of Prasuma earlier mentioned Prasuma’s plan of launching new product categories. According to the press release these preservative-free ready-to-eat momos are an improved modern reinterpretation of the original Himalayan momos made with the finest ingredients using a fully automated Japanese Technology and world-class packaging technology. The brand introduced its line of fully cooked steamed momos in four flavors including original chicken, spicy chicken, pork and Vegetable momos. Prasuma momos can be microwaved, pan-fried, steamed, deep-fried or boiled and ready to eat in as little as 2 minutes.

Prasuma ready-to-eat momos range (pic courtesy – Prasuma)

For the Prasuma family, momos have been more than just a snack. However, over time, the much-loved nosh earned a lot of flak because of poor hygiene and low-quality ingredients used by street vendors. According to company, momos available in the market have a disproportionately thick outer layer with a filling that is devoid of the classic, traditional momo flavors people seek.

Speaking about the launch, Lisa Suwal said, “We are very excited about the launch of the new Prasuma Momos. This was a dish my grandmother prepared for us and having it each time brings back fond memories from my childhood. As a family of epicures, we bonded over food and momos were indispensable. When people started complaining about momos being unhealthy, and of poor quality, we knew they were not having the authentic momos. We also knew then, that it is time to put our age-old family recipe of momos to use, for everyone else who loves to have what we grew up relishing. This is why we decided to launch Prasuma Momos – made with good quality ingredients, top-notch technology, and the perfect recipe.”

The company mentioned that the making of Prasuma momos involves a 100% automated process with the latest Japanese technology to ensure consistent quality and hygiene. It also claims of the best packaging technology that locks in the freshness, nutrients and preserves the taste and texture of the product. Prasuma momos are available in the market with a price range from Rs 150 to Rs 225 for 10 pieces and 250 to 325 for 24 Pieces.


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