Bikano inaugurates a new plant in Hyderabad

The plan is to expand its market in South India

Bikano team inaugurating its new plant in Hyderabad
Bikano team inaugurating its new plant in Hyderabad

Bikano, India’s favorite snack and packaged food manufacturing company, inaugurated its newest Hyderabad plant. After their huge success in the north of India, Bikano has long-term plans of market expansion in the south and are kicking them off with this new plant. Their immediate focus is going to be to make forays into the entire Telangana market, and gradually, Bikano will take steps to target the other southern states as well.  

Manish Aggarwal, director, Bikano, Bikanervala Foods, says, “We understand that Southern region is a huge market potential for the company, and we have been meaning to step into it for a while. With this new plant at Hyderabad, we are creating a lasting production and supply footprint in the south that we can keep building on. 

Bikano’s new plant in Hyderabad
Bikano’s new plant in Hyderabad

After researching and analysing the southern market, we have decided to step in with the namkeen and sweets category. Along with our ongoing products, we are also launching a few products that will specially cater to the southern taste palette.”

Bikano starts with production of its namkeens and sweets at new plant

Dawinder Pal, head of marketing at the company, says, “While the South is a complete market by itself, we are serious about exploring and conquering it. Hence, we are beginning with Bikano namkeens and sweets production at the new plant before adding other categories to the list. Telangana, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh are the markets that this plant will chiefly supply to at the beginning. Since we are already available through modern retail channels to the entire nation, we expect to consolidate our position further in the south through our business expansion plans in the coming years.” 

Pal admitted that the company was in the midst of other expansion plans as well, in terms of sales and distribution channels, to ensure that Bikano’s entire range of authentic Indian namkeen offerings is found at every store, market, and mega-market near you. 


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